Have you ever watched a person when they are passionate about something that they do? Have you ever seen that glint in their eyes and the energy they carry? Have you Ever wished you could be like that?

What if all it took was some personal searching? People often have the tools right in front of them , or even inside their selves, to discover something that they may be passionate about.

Below is one method that may be helpful in your own search for your passion.

Things You Will Need

Most importantly, a person needs time. This is the crucial element in most personal growth. You need time to be able devote some attention to this soul-searching endeavor.

An open mind is another mandatory piece of the puzzle. You need to be able to expand your thinking and tread down some mental paths that you may have never gone down before or maybe you have and you need to re-explore.

A piece of paper (or journal) and writing instrument will be key in writing out some thoughts as they come.

Finally, honest close friends and relatives that have been around you for a long time and knows you intimately. These are people with whom you feel comfortable asking questions to help you see things about yourself that maybe you had not seen before.

Step 1

Take a mental trip back in time as far as you can remember.

Ideally as far back into childhood as possible. Start your thinking from this point forward. Pay attention as you observe your life. It might be helpful at first to find some time by yourself so that you can focus. Take a walk outside or maybe go for a drive. Anything that will clear your head.

Step 2

Focus on activities that you enjoyed throughout your life.

These may be hobbies, sports, art, reading, talking on the phone. These should be enjoyable activities that you found yourself consistently doing throughout life. Not only should they be enjoyable, but they should be activities that you would try to be doing as often as possible and with whatever free time was available.

Step 3

As soon as these activities come to mind, write them down.

This will help you clear your mind and allow for greater focus on your goals. This is sort of like adding extra hard-drive space to your thought process. This is also helpful for further brainstorming or narrowing an idea if it is too broad.

Step 4

Find a close friend or relative that you trust to give you honest feedback.

Ask this person if they think you are on the right track. See if their thoughts fall in line with yours. You might be surprised to find this person stating something to the effect of, "I always thought you should be doing X, you would be great at it!"

Step 5

Take action!

Go out and apply your findings. If you found you are a reader, maybe joining a book club is a good idea. If you like to draw or paint then find a local college or activity center and sign up for an art class. Be creative in this aspect. You might find there are numerous ways in which to explore a passion further.
The above steps are just one avenue of exploring passions. Each person is different, and as such will find different routes to meeting goals. Maybe you are a person that needs to try new things instead of looking back at things you have already done. Whatever the case may be, you are the only person that can discover your passion for yourself.

Now, step out and be passionate!

Tips & Warnings

Be as honest as you can.

If you find yourself stuck and experiencing mental blocks, then maybe this is an exercise for another time. Maybe you just need to try it more and more. Often times we may find we have never thought like this before. That is ok! Remember, practice makes perfect!