When you're dealing with arthritis, it can be a painful ongoing experience. Taking over the counter medicines or prescription medicines can put you at risk if you plan on using them long term. There are alternatives and you may want to experiment with some to discover the best arthritis herbal remedies that will work for you. This is meant as a guide to experiment with the right types of herbs, so you can find the ones that work for you. Using anti-inflammatory herbs can be a huge benefit in decreasing the pain.

Things You Will Need

Suggested Herbs

Step 1

Burdock root is used all over the world for its anti-inflammatory properties as an arthritis herbal remedy. Burdock is actually a weed that has wonderful herbal healing properties. This plant was used by the Native Americans long ago. Try using Burdock as this is a good alternative method to synthetic drugs. The root and seeds are used for medicinal purposes.

Step 2

Feverfew is a well known native herb to Europe. Feverfew is a very easy herb that you can grow yourself. Mostly the leaves of the plant are used for medicinal purposes. Feverfew has anti-inflammatory properties which make it a great candidate as one of the arthritis herbal remedies. It is available in capsule and liquid form and can be found in health food stores.

Step 3

Nettle has been around for many years and is well known in helping alleviate the pain from arthritis. Try getting this in cream form if you don't want to take it orally. Nettle or Stinging Nettle can be found in capsule, tincture or tea form as well. Drink a couple of cups a tea per day in order for this to work well.

Step 4

The Yucca Plant root is native to the desert in the U.S. This plant had many healing properties known by the Native Americans. Taking Yucca root in capsules or tablet form can be a huge help in possible eliminating arthritis pain or reducing it sizeable.

Step 5

There are a few other herbs that are well worth mentioning for arthritis herbal remedies. Use these in a tea form to take in dealing with the pain of arthritis. These herbs are rosemary, basil and Sage. Yes, these are all kitchen herbs that we use frequently for cooking. You should buy these in tea form, though because you won't get enough by just using them for cooking. Drink at least a couple cups of tea a day in order to see results.

Exploring natural ways to eliminate health symptoms can be a very adventurous way to go. Always make sure you research all alternatives and always check with your doctor if you have other health issues.

Tips & Warnings

Check with your doctor before using herbs especially if you are on prescription medicines or have any serious health issues.