Sexy Silver Hair

Are you a "dye-hard" who runs for color whenever you spy a gray hair or two? If so, you could be coloring your hair every 4 - 6 weeks for the next forty or so years. That's approximately 2,080 Saturday mornings you'll waste sitting with stinky goop on your head in some salon, reading celebrity gossip magazines while wishing that the ordeal was over. 

Hair coloring can be a genuine expression of creativity and self-care. If you truly love regularly coloring your hair then by all means carry on. However, you may feel nearly enslaved by constant coloring, covering and touching up what could be naturally beautiful silver hair. If so, it might be time to ditch the dye and grow a naturally beautiful, sexy silver mane. 

Consult a Stylist Who Embraces Your Vision

Even if you have not been having your hair professionally colored, you still want to find a good stylist who appreciates gray hair and can help you make the transition. If you just stop coloring, you will end up with an advancing naturally colored root line that clashes with the fading color of the tips. The roots gone wild look is enough to discourage even the most confident and determined woman and you might give up before you get a chance to see how beautiful your natural hair really looks.

A skilled stylist will evaluate how much gray you have and where the gray is concentrated on your head. She can then discuss options for blending and softening the grow out using color techniques such as highlights, lowlights, and glossing. These types of techniques will allow you to make an attractive transition without sacrificing a lot of your existing length.

Great Haircut Makes the Silver Shine

Get a Great Cut

The colored portion of your hair is never going to revert back to its natural color, especially if you have been using dark brown or black dyes. Your colored hair will fade, fray, and become brassy but it will never be natural again. This hair is going to have to come off.

If you are daring, you can choose to cut your hair pixie short (very trendy) and just get on with the business of being silver topped. If you aren't up to the shock of short then you can choose to loose the length gradually over time. In either case, a great haircut with beautiful shape, texture, and movement is the key to looking fabulous at every step in your colored to gray journey.

A well-crafted haircut gives your gray the delightfully intentional "I meant to do this" vibe. It blends and softens the interface between your natural hair and growing hair so that you never suffer from a harsh and neglected looking root line. A great haircut also cuts down on styling time so that looking current and cared for is effortless and fun.

Pink Rocks Silver Hair So Can You

Find Your Silver Inspirations

Many beautiful, creative, confident, and free-spirited women of all ages look incredible in silver. Do an internet search on "silver hair" and you will discover hundreds of images of long, mid-length, pixie, tousled, sleek, sporty, sculptural, and drop dead sexy silver, platinum, salt and pepper, and silver ombre hair. There are multiple Pinterest boards that celebrate silver goddesses. 

Some of the women in the sexy in silver pictures actually spent as much time and money getting to gray as you spent getting away from gray. Distinctive and classy silver comes naturally to you, lucky girl. 

You have the potential to be as uniquely beautiful as any one of these women.  Remind yourself of this when the road to silver seems like it is taking an outrageously long time and you feel like quitting. Go the distance and rediscover your own natural color; your unaltered beauty might just surprise you.