Using the powers of free forum marketing to promote whatever it is that you have is an awesome way to grow your business as well as your brand. Because forum marketing is free, which rocks, and because forum marketing actually builds interactivity with your brand similar like how blogs do.

How to do Forum Marketing Successfully

Okay so there is a few rules to follow to be successful in this type of promotion.

First off, always introduce yourself to the forum (It's polite) and before you start posting, reply to other peoples posts. Make conversations. And it's okay to be a little controversial, but don't be a jerk like how a lot of forum lurkers are.

Instead add value with all of your posts. If you don't know that much, then ask a lot of questions till you do. Also make sure the forum is targeted towards whatever it is that you're selling. For example, if you're selling weight loss, go to the weight loss and health forums. Similarly if you're in something like a network marketing opportunity, go to websites like

How do You Actually Promote Your Stuff on Forums?

It is really simple actually. Every forum has something called a resource box, sometimes this is also called a signature box depending on the forum. They almost always appear at the end of your post. Inside of this signature you can leave whatever you want down there.

Also this is where it is acceptable for you to actually promote your stuff.

So write a good headline that captures peoples attentions and then link to your website. If you have to do a full hyperlink in there, make sure the domain is a top-domain. For example would be a top domain, but would not be a top-domain.

The reasoning why is that this just looks better.

If they allow you though... just link your call to action to your website such as a "Click Here for the Free Report".

That's another key! Always offer something free if they check out your stuff. Make sure you give them the free stuff in exchange for them opting into your webform though so you can market to them again and again over time.

There you have it! The easy way to take advantage of free forum marketing!