Incline bench presses build strength in the shoulders, chest, back and arms. Using free weights such as dumbbells increases the difficulty of the exercise because you must also focus on keeping the weights steady, which differs from a bench press machine that guides your arms for you. You can also use a stability ball to complete the exercise.


Use a stability ball with a diameter compatible with your height.
For example, If you're 5 feet and under, use a ball that is 45 centimeters. If you're between 5 foot 9 and 6 foot 2, choose a ball that is 65 centimeters.

Put the stability ball on a flat surface. Sit up on the ball with your legs bent so that your feet are flat on the ground in front of you.

Grab one dumbbell of equal  weight in each hand. Bend your arms and hold the weights in front of your chest.


Sit on the ball on top towards the front of the ball. Move your feet forward in front of you slowly while moving your hips forward. Keep moving until your hips are just off the front of the ball and your buttocks is in front of the ball. Your body will slide forward on the ball as you do this. Keep your lower hips 8-12 inches off the ground.

Lean back slightly so your lower back rests on the front of the ball slightly below the top of the ball. Your shoulders should rest lightly on the top of the ball.

Bring your arms slowly down with elbows bent until your upper arms are level with your shoulders. Your arms should form L shapes with your palms facing upwards holding the weights.

Push your arms straight up above your chest slowly bringing the inner ends of the weights together when your arms are straight and extended.

Hold this position for 2-3 seconds then slowly lower your arms back down, bending your elbows as you go back to the starting position.

Keep your feet flat on the ground. Resist the urge to roll back the ball while doing the lift.

Always speak with your doctor before starting a workout exercise routine.