There is usually no code of conduct to doing your laundry, beyond separating darks and lights, but in college it⠀ ™s a dog eat dog world and everyone is on their own in getting their laundry done. While it's rare to have your laundry attacked(and sometimes turned pink) you might if you don't follow the unwritten rules of laundry room conduct.

Things You Will Need


laundry supplies

laundry room

Step 1

Don't place someone else's laundry in the dryer. You may think you're doing a good deed, but someone may be mad when their $20 shirt doesn't fit anymore.

Step 2

Do not be afraid to remove someone's clothes from a washing machine or dryer if they are done and you need it.

Step 3

That being said don't place someone's clothing(wet or dry) on the floor. Place clothing onto the top of a washing machine/dryer or onto a table.

Step 4

Do not overload washing machines. It may be tempting, especially if you are paying to do your laundry, but in the end, you won't get your clothing washed completely and you may break the machine. No one will be happy with you then.

Step 5

Do not overload dryers. Again, it may be tempting, but in the end your clothing will need more than one run to get dry anyway(costing the same amount of money) or you could break the machine. Worst case scenario, you are setting the scene for a fire.

Step 6

Don't borrow others laundry materials without asking. Just because someone left a bottle of fabric softener doesn't mean it's free game.

Step 7

Don't stare at people doing laundry. People have things in their laundry they would probably rather not have you see and vise versa. If you don't want to be watched pulling out dirty panties or boxers, others don't want to be watched either.

Step 8

Do not open machines that are running. If you open a dryer to see if there is indeed any laundry in it, close it and start it again.

Step 9

Clean your own lint trap. It is not dirty. It is the clean lint from your own clothing, but no one else should have to touch your laundry lint.

Step 10

Clean the lint from the dryer trap before you start your laundry. This can create a fire hazard if not cleaned.

Step 11

Be a little early to get your laundry so that others don't have to remove it from the machine.

Always think about whether you'd want someone to do that with your things when you do things in the laundry room. If you wouldn't want it done to your clothing, do you think someone else will be happy about it?