OCR scanning, more commonly known as optical character recognition scanning, is a form of scanning in which an image is scanned and transformed into a textual image on a computer which can then be edited. OCR scanning is generally utilized to transform handwritten documents into typewritten ones which can then be edited on the computer. There are a variety of easy ways for you to perform OCR scanning at home.


Step 1. 

Check to see whether you already have the capacity to perform OCR scanning. OCR scanning is surprisingly simple, and increasing numbers of home and office computers have the ability to do OCR scanning on a small scale. For instance, Microsoft Office Document Imaging is one product that many people possess without knowing about it that can transform a handwritten document into a typewritten one via OCR scanning with the simple click of a button.

Step 2

. Consider doing your own OCR scanning. You will need a scanner and OCR software to do your own OCR scanning. You may already own one or the other, but if not check around. Scanners can be purchased at your local electronics store. Ask them if they have any recommendations for scanners for OCR scanning. You will also need OCR software to do your OCR scanning. There are popular commercial OCR software options to do your OCR scanning, or you can opt for an OCR scanning program which is available for free online.

Step 3. 

Think about having someone else do your OCR scanning. Many companies offer cheap OCR scanning services which may meet your needs and might be a better idea if you only need to do OCR scanning occasionally and don't want to invest in a scanner and OCR scanning software.