Is there really a technique to doing perfect crunches? Are some crunches better than others? Believe it or not, doing your crunches properly can burn a whole lot more calories, and cause a lot less pain for your back. Here are a few steps to help you do the perfect crunches.

First you need to find a mat or foam board to lie down on the floor. If you use the bare floor for crunches it will be hard on your back. It will likely hurt long before you finish doing your crunches. For the perfect crunches, set up a mat or a pad to lie on while you do crunches.

Make yourself comfortable on the pad. Make sure your whole body including your head can fit on the pad (once you move your knees). Now bring your knees close towards you, but keeping them flat on the floor. The right position is crucial for perfect crunches.

To minimize pain to your back while doing crunches, cross your arms across your chest. Don't fold your arms behind your head; this puts unnecessary pressure on your lower back. If crossing your arms across your chest seems uncomfortable for you, you can place your arms at your side.

Now begin to crunch. Begin to pull your shoulders towards your knees using your abdominal muscles. Exhale as your pull yourself towards your knees, this will bring you closer to your knees and give you a nice consistent pace for your crunches.

When you begin to do crunches get as close to your knees as you can while still keeping your lower back on the floor. If you take your back off of the floor can put your body in a painful position. This will likely cause pain after you have finished doing your crunches.

When you reach your knees begin to inhale and slowly lower your body back down to the floor. Repeat the process for a planned workout session. Perfect crunches are great, but you're not going to see any progress with just a handful of crunches. Plan to do 50 or so your first few days and then work up to 100. After a few weeks, do several hundred crunches every day you choose to work out to keep your toned abs.

Perform all of these steps together and you will be doing professional and perfect crunches. You will find yourself burning more calories and feeling less sore after your workouts. These are all the steps to getting perfect crunches, now just repeat until you have perfect abs!