If you like the idea of creating your very own Halloween look with makeup and a few accessories then creating a sexy cat eye makeup look is something that can be done with plenty of dark eye makeup and some false eye lashes and some sparkles.

It is nice to actually create a look using makeup instead of simply throwing on a mask or a costume.  It looks more original and you are not having the issues of a mask on your face all night.  The mask is cool when you first show up but as the party carries on you may get hot and itchy and the masks disappear.    Anyone can simply run out to the store and get a mask and a costume, so why not be more original this year?

Having a look you created yourself creates a “moving look” especially the eyes as you talk to people and blink and they look back at you they will be in awe of your cat look that you create yourself.  It totally transforms your face.

If you have a steady hand then you can create this look quickly.  The trick is to make the eyes look deep, smoky and mysterious by extending the eyelid line and the eyebrow line out further and with a sweeping “Up” motion and lots of black liner.  So make sure your black eye liner is fresh and you have lots of it.

By creating a sweeping action at the outer edges of your eyes will lift them and give them that cat eye almond shape look.  Rather than simply painting them a dark colour, (which works too but does not give you that sexy look but more of a raccoon look, you need to create deep 3D shadows!) you graduate the darker shades (using grey to black) from the lids to lighter area under the brow.

You want to build the shadows to give your eyes that almond shape and some depth and go lighter as you get to the brow.

Don’t overdo the black shadow under the eye, but stick mostly to the liner and a little bit of smudging. 

Keep the makeup on the rest of your face uniform with a lighter shade this way the eyes really stand out.  You can add a bit of blush or bronzer for a warmer look on the cheeks.

You can then add some glitter just below the outer edge of your eye and under the brow or paint a pattern in gold or silver outlined in black to stand out.  If you really want to take this a step further you can cover your natural brows with concealer and paint on a dark brow but make sure and sweep it up at the edges to match your eyes or you can simply add to your own brows.

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adding false eyelashes will really make the eyes pop and stand out and look very sexy.

Add False Eye Lashes

There are many false eye lashes on the market but the thicker the better with more emphasis on the outer edges of the lashes being the longest.  This will really give your eyes that sexy dreamy look you are going for.

If you don’t like the idea of gluing eye lashes on, you can use good thick mascara instead.

Below is a sexy cat eye makeup tutorial that will help.  You can change things up depending on what makeup you have on hand, but this look matched up with a long leotard or cat costume will really set off your costume.

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this is the perfect addition to your costume and you have the added bonus of not only look more cat like but more comfortable too!

Dark Shadows and Eye Liners Work Great

In the video she uses many different brands and products, but you can create this look using dark shadows and eye liner in a brand you like.  Just make sure and have some clean makeup brushes for applying it.

The finishing look is the little bit of black on the nose and the connecting line from the nose to the lips.  Outline the lips in the black eye liner and smudge it a bit then adding the red lipstick really gives this a sexy look.

Pair this up with a long black leotard, a set of ears and a tail and you are ready to go out on the “prowl” for Halloween this year.

Watch the video to get some more ideas, and make sure you have all your accessories ready and on hand because you never know when you will get invited to a last minute Halloween party.  If you have everything you need in a box, then there will not be that last minute rushing.

If you have sensitive skin, then stick to the makeup brands that you are used to and just find the darkest shades.  You don’t want to start having a reaction at the party!

Have Makeup Remover Ready for End of the Night

Make sure you have plenty of makeup remover on hand for when you get home, or baby oil will help if you don’t have any, as you don’t want to show up at work with faded cat whiskers still on your face!

This is a very stunning look.  You can create the sexy cat eye makeup which I think looks better than the cat eye mask that many wear.  Everyone will notice your eyes with the sparkles and the sweeping almond shape.  

Practice and Make it Your Own Look

You can carry this further with a purchased cat nose and ears, if you want it to be more realistic.  But you will want to get these supplies early and be ready.  You can get many of the accessories online.  Practice your sexy cat eyes makeup at home until you get the look you like before the big party, this way your Halloween cat costume will be the best one there and your efforts will be appreciated.

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