Learning how to do skateboarding tricks can be a lot of fun, yet very challenging at the same time. It takes an immense amount of practice to learn certain moves, while others may come extremely easy to you. There are many aspects to performing any kind of maneuver, from the stance, to the execution, the catch, and the landing. Another thing to keep in mind is that there are several methods on how to do skateboarding tricks, and it's best if you just figure out what you're most comfortable with. Here are some simple steps to take to get you started:

Top 5 Best Tips on How to Do Skateboarding Tricks

Study the professionals. Go out and buy some videos of the pros and watch how they do skateboarding tricks. Another option is to look for videos, clips, and tutorials on the web. Sites like YouTube and even here on InfoBarrel have plenty of informative videos to help you learn how to do skateboarding tricks. While you're watching, study how they stand on the board, as well as how they perform their executions and landings. If you have good slow-motion and zoom features, use them to get a closer look. Take noted if you have to. Your main objective is to soak up as much information as you can about proper techniques and things to avoid.

Video tape yourself. One of the best ways to learn how to do skateboarding tricks is to practice them in front of a camera and study yourself later on. Set an afternoon aside to do this and spend a certain amount of time practicing each of the skateboarding tricks you want to learn, one at a time. Make as many adjustments as you can while you practice and then take notes on your progress later when you watch it. Study your habits, stances, posture, and execution and try to pinpoint some things you can change or improve upon.

Ask for pointers, tips, and advice from your friends and other skaters you see around town. If you're too shy to do this, or nobody you know can help you with the skateboarding tricks that you want to do, try posting a video of yourself online and ask for advice from people all over the world. Sure, you may get some immature punks leaving you negative or derogatory comments, but the beauty of the internet is the anonymity. Who cares what others say; you're simply a disposable screen name to them anyway. There will still be plenty of helpful people willing to help you learn how to do skateboarding tricks, though.

Focus. Many people new to the sport--and even veterans--tend to forget just how much concentration is involved in performing each and every skateboarding trick there is to do. Focusing is a huge part of being able to excel at this sport. You have to practice performing each maneuver, but you also have to practice concentrating. Block out everything in your head and tell yourself that you can land it. Do not think about wrecking, messing up, or getting hurt. Focus only on the task at hand, and remain confident. Concentrate on each movement you have to make, from start to finish. The more you focus on focusing, the easier it gets.

Practice. Never stop practicing. You will find that some skateboarding tricks are easy to do, while others seem to be impossible. This can be frustrating and make you doubt yourself, but it's important to realize the old saying, practice makes perfect, holds about as much water as the Pacific Ocean. The more you practice, the better you will become. It may take months for you to learn how to do certain skateboarding tricks, but as long as you keep practicing, you know you will eventually figure it out.

Other Advice on How to Do Skateboarding Tricks

Don't get frustrated. It's very easy to get frustrated, especially when you are unsuccessful for a long period of time. However, if you lose your cool, it will just make it even harder for you to land the skateboarding tricks you want to. You need to have a clear head at all times. This goes back to focus; you cannot focus if you are getting angry and frustrated. All you're going to do is make things worse for yourself, and then it just becomes a vicious, pointless cycle of anger.

Never give up. If you give up, then of course you won't be able to figure out how to do the skateboarding tricks you want to learn. Remember to keep practicing and you will eventually reach your goal. Continue to seek advice and pointers from friends and study yourself to find out why exactly you're having so much trouble. It could be something as simple as your posture causing you to lean back slightly, but just enough to throw you off balance and flip your board wrong. In fact, in many cases it's a simple fix. You can't learn how to do skateboarding tricks if you give up!