Smoky eye makeup is truly beautiful. It can give you an alluring look that will make every head in the room turn. Learning how to apply it can be a little tricky so you'll need to pay close attention. The good news is that you can have beautiful, smoky eyes in as little as 5 minutes!

This is absolutely amazing when you think about how much it changes your look as a whole. Get your tools ready before you start. You'll need eye primer or concealer, two eye shadows, eyeliner, makeup brushes and mascara.

1. To keep your smoky eye makeup in place you'll definitely want to start with eye primer or concealer. There is nothing worse than spending a lot of time doing your eye makeup just right only to have it melt off a few hours later. This will also give you a smooth base to work from.

2. The next step is to apply the eyeliner. You start on the upper lashes and make sure the line is a bit thicker in the middle. Also, line your lower lashes as well. Smudge the color nicely with a makeup sponge. Smudging is one of the most important parts of smoky eye makeup!

3. Then you can apply the lighter eye shadow as a base. This should go from the bottom of your lid to your brow bone.

4. Next you apply the darker eye shadow and blend them together.

5. Remember, the secret here is to smudge the eyeliner and blend everything so that it creates a smoky effect. If you don't get the smoky eye make up look right the first time, you'll need to practice.

Those women you see in the magazines had theirs done by professionals who have years and years of experience. There is no need to give up because practice makes perfect.

This eye make up look is definitely one that's going to stick around for years to come. It is truly beautiful and creates a mysterious effect.

The look is especially good for nighttime when you want to go out on the town. Smoky eye make up does not take long to do. It might take a little while to get it down to an exact science.

Make sure you practice with the look that is right for you. Don't get yourself down if yours doesn't look professional at first because with a little practice you'll have it looking great in no time.