The above video shows you an example of how you can decorate your wedding reception without spending too much money.

You can have a lot of fun with the wedding reception decorations if you are doing them yourself, and just taking care of the decorations yourself can save a huge amount of money that you can use later in your married life.

There are many great ideas for decorations for your wedding reception that are cheap and easy to use, and the following are just a few that you may want to consider.

Add Lights to Potted Plants

First of all, when it comes to wedding reception decorations, they don't have to be expensive to look wonderful. You can simply add some lights to some potted plants in the reception hall and they will look wonderful.

There may already be some plants in the hall that you can add the lights to, but if there are not, you can find some cheap potted plants at a nursery in your area. If you purchase the plants yourself, you can later use them to decorate your home as well.

Pick Beautiful Tablecloths

Adding some beautiful tablecloths can definitely go a long way towards decorating your wedding reception hall. You may want to go with tablecloths that match the wedding colors.

You'll probably want to add napkins to the tables as well, and if you want to have some napkin rings, you may want to make them yourself. With the right tablecloths and some beautiful napkins, you can transform the way the reception hall looks for your wedding.

Candles Add Beauty and Light

Another idea that you can use for your wedding reception decorations is to add some candles to the tables to add both beauty and light.

If you happen to be having a Christmas wedding you can make some beautiful decorations using Christmas balls that are clear and some candles. Simply find some candles that will fit into the ornaments and use Epsom salts to secure the candles in the ornaments and then add some greenery around them for a great look.