Going to medical school is a popular option amongst many college graduates.  Unlike college however, attending medical school interviews is extremely important; it is essential that you do well in order to get admitted to the school of medicine you are interviewing at.  Here are some tips on what to do to increase your chances of acing the interview:

  1. First, dress professionally. You want to dress sharply but conservatively. For guys, you must wear a suit and tie. Dress for females is a little more varied but most female interviewees I've met also wore suits.

  2. Be prepared to answer tough questions. Sometimes interviewers will ask tricky questions to fluster the interviewee. If you prepare for a few of these questions, you will be able to field and answer them more strongly. Some questions to look out for:

    - Why do you want to be a doctor? Why not a nurse or physician's assistant?
    - How will you be able to be a doctor while raising kids or having a family? (it's technically an illegal question to ask due to potential gender discrimination but I have heard of people getting asked the question).
    - Why was your grade in _____ class weak?  Do you really have what it takes to be here?
    - Our school is in _____ city.  Why do you want to come here?  

  3. You should also be able to address current medical issues in the news.  Just read a little bit of the news everyday!

  4. Show that you are a person. The interviewer will have your file and he or she will see that you are a good candidate on paper. You need to inject personality into the interview so that they will remember you for not only your on-paper stats, but also your ability to be a good, normal, and compassionate human being.

  5. Make sure you have questions to ask the interviewer. They will always ask you "do you have any questions for me?" at the end of the interview. This really is not a question; you must ask a question because it shows interest in the school or program. So figure out questions you will want to ask (it could be the same question for all your med school interviews... just make sure you have a few to ask).

  6. Always be sure to state that the school you are interviewing at IS your number one choice (and give a strong reason why). It may not really be the number one school, but unfortunately, this is how the game is played.

  7. Get your interviewer's contact information (and if possible the contact information for the dean of admission and/or head of admissions office). A few days after your interview, write a thank you email to them. This will not only make you look good, it will remind the interviewer of you (sometimes they do not deliberate on a decision for weeks so it is always a good thing to stay fresh in their mind).

Good luck on your interviews!