Doing well in a language class is a great way to learn about a different culture and benefit professionally. Signing up for class is easy, but to do well takes some work. It is worth the extra effort to learn a language properly. Consider the extra work as an investment in becoming a cultured individual.

Things You Will Need

Items needed:

Access to Internet

Access to Library for books and videos

Step 1

Immerse Yourself. Find ways to surround yourself in the target language. Watching television shows or foreign language movies are a great way to reinforce material learned in class. Go to festivals and events or join a group that is focused on the new language.

Step 2

Study and Evaluate. A good practice if you want to succeed in a language class is to study the materials before class. Look over the chapter and exercises; doing non-requested book work. Take notes in each class session and compare it to your own notes. Ask questions in class about difficult or confusing information.

Step 3

Man reading newspaper bi-lingual

Practice, Practice. Find a native or fluent speaker of your target language to communicate with. Try sending e-mails or meet for coffee while practicing your listening and speaking skills. Most people will help you, if you are trying to learn their language. This outside of class activity gives you an edge in the language course.

Step 4

Attend class. One of the best ways to ace a foreign language class is to attend class. Many times instructors will give tips or other information that is not found in textbooks. Participate in class activities including answering questions. Go to class early to ask the instructor questions if you have problems.

Step 5

Penelope Cruz (20748)

Find other sources of motivation .If the determination is not enough to keep you motivated, find some eye candy. Look for actors or entertainers that can hold your attention. Do a search for "(put country here) singer". Remember one language can have multiple areas that speak it. Example: French – France, countries in West Africa, parts of Canada and parts of Louisiana. Find an international star and look for their movies.

Step 6

Act like a kid. Listen to groups of native speakers, by going to places where native speakers meet-up. In layman terms copy what you hear and pay attention to non-verbal signs .Find games online from educational websites that are meant for younger learners and include the website from the makers of your textbook. Many sites have that have free language learning games.

It can be easy to do well in a language class and fun with the right materials. Remember that going to class is the first step in learning a new language. Make a conscious decision to have fun, practice and find other ways to enjoy learning a new skill. Knowing how to do well in a language class provides many personal and professional prospects.

Tips & Warnings