Washing Machine
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Although this may seem like a simple, everyday task, many people do not know how to do their own laundry. For someone who has never touched a washing machine, cleaning one’s clothes can be a daunting task. I will explain how doing laundry is much easier than you could imagine.

Pile of Towels
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First, you need to separate your clothing. These piles will vary from person to person depending on one’s wardrobe. The key is to separate your items by type and by color. Dark clothes go in one pile, colored clothes go in a second, and white clothes go in another. Towels, delicates, bras, sheets, blankets, and any other items that are washable should be separated in the same method. For example, you might end up with piles of dark towels, white delicates, and colored sheets.

There are two reasons why washables need to be washed this way. Firstly, dark colors bleed and whites usually need to be bleached. Putting white socks in the same load with your dark denim jeans may result in blue socks. You want to keep your darks dark and your whites white. Secondly, rough clothing may damage more delicate clothing. Put your bra in with your hosiery and you will find that your tights will be all ripped.

Once you have made your piles, it is time to start washing. Put a pile in the washing machine but remember to not overstuff it. Set the washing machine to fill up with as much water as you need in the correct temperature. Dark and colored clothes need cold water, as do delicates. Towels and whites need hot water. If you are not sure what temperature to wash your clothes in, simply check the item label.

Next, add clothing detergent and fabric softener. If your white washables need bleach, add it. Close the lid of the washing machine and wait until the load is done. You did it! 

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Once, the cycle is done, it is time to put your clothes into the dryer. You simply set the temperature of the air in the machine and through in a dryer sheet. You need to be careful here, however. While most clothing is safe to put in the dryer, some clothing needs to be hung dry or it will shrink. Cotton is usually fine with high heat, which is probably the material of most of your washables. Bras and more delicate fabrics should be hung out to dry. Some delicates may wrinkle harshly if left out to dry so a cool temperature in the dryer should be used instead.

Once your clothes are dry, you need to fold them. Everyone has his/her own folding method so experiment with what works for you. When you are done, put away your clothes. Tada! You are done. See, it wasn’t that hard! Now you can brag to all your friends about your new laundry skills. Happy washing!

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