If you love nail art then you are going to love caviar nails.

It gets its name from the tiny little beads that are used to create this 3D effect and they also resemble the look and size of tiny caviar eggs.  It just has this really “stand out 3D pearly look” that will be noticed.

This is a look that you can use on your own natural nails or acrylic nails and it looks great on any length of nail including very short ones.  It is also a great way to glam up any outfit.

It is a perfect look for a night out or special event and yet can come off easily with nail polish remover.

You can get the supplies in kits with matching nail polish colours or you can create your own look by purchasing the little beads separately. 

Many nail salons will create this look for you but it can get expensive, so why not try this caviar manicure yourself at home?  It will look just as professional as the salon way.

Caviar Manicure(133169)Credit: amazon.com

Here is what you will need:

Good Base Coat (your favourite brand)

Colour Nail Polish (your favourite brand)

Caviar beads (you can get these in kits as pictured with different colours)

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You can create all kinds of different finishes with this kit of Caviar beads.

Top coat (your favourite brand)

Small square tray or dish with sides and corners which makes it easier to pour over nails (to catch any beads that don’t stick to your nails you don’t want to lose these as they can be reused)


Step 1 - Make sure your nails are free of oils such as hand lotion by quickly wiping them down with some nail polish remover.

Step 2 – Paint your base coat on.  Don’t skip this step, as this is how you will protect your natural nails from all the abuse you give them with different nail arts and designs.  The base coat also makes it easier to put on the colour as it will glide better.

Step 3 – Coloured Nail Polish – put on a good base coat of the colour and let it dry.  While your first coat of colour is drying, get your beads or “caviar” ready by pouring a few into this square tray or you could use a tiny funnel or whatever you have that will pour these tiny beads onto your nails. 

Some people prefer to just dip their nail carefully in the jar but this can cause smudges, so try to pour the beads on the best you can and in such a way as to not lose too many as you can reuse the ones that don’t stick.

Step 4 – Second Coat of Colour Nail Polish – once your first coat is dry you now need to lay down a thick second coat, and work on this project one nail at a time.  So once you have the second coat of colour on, you are going to carefully pour the beads over the nail and they will stick to the wet polish.

If you find they bunch up a bit, take a cuticle stick or tiny wooden stick and gently push them into the polish so that you don’t have too many layers sitting on top.  There should be just one layer of beads all stuck into the polish.

Repeat this process for all your other nails too; you can even do this on your toes to look pretty in sandals.

You can use all one colour that matches the nail polish you picked or you can mix it up for some fun.  That is why these kits of nail beads can be fun.

Step 5 – Top Coat – After your nails are dry (give them a good 30 minutes) then gently brush a top coat over the nails.

Caviar Nail Polish Perfect for a Night Out

Like with any 3D nail art or effect it won’t last forever, but they are definitely a different look and have become very chic and trendy.  Runway models are wearing a caviar manicure that colour matches their outfit or makeup.  So you could do the same thing for a night out or special occasion.

Caviar Manicures can be Expensive to Have Done

It used to be that you could not find the supplies needed to do this type of manicure yourself at home or if you did they were very expensive. You basically went to the nail salon the day of your special event and had it done.

How to do a Caviar Manicure

Ciate Caviar Nail Polish

This manufacturer was one of the original kits you could get and they are good quality as you get polish and caviar in one kit.

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Ciate create professional Caviar kits for nails.

French Manicure Using Caviar Nails

If you love the look but would like to get a bit more adventurous you can change this look up for even more of a WOW impact! 

You can use these beads for a French Manicure effect simply by using tape or nail tip guides to block off the tips of your nails (so put them right at the top of your nails to block off the tips).

Then paint your nail up to the guides and then pick two colours of beads.  Pour the main colour on your nails while second coat of polish is still wet.  Let it dry.  Then peel off the guides gently (you don’t want to pull any of the beads off)

Now paint the tips of your nails with another polish colour and then add the different colour of beads to the tips of your nails.

This will give a French manicure look yet 3D!  This is cool too!  If you love nail art then you are going to love working with these beads and watch your nails transform. 

If you want them to last longer than the special event or night out, then you will need to wear gloves when doing any dishes or housework so that you will protect the finish.

Don’t forget to topcoat as this will protect the finish too and make it last longer.

Removing a Caviar manicure is not hard as it will come off with nail polish remover.  Simply soak cotton balls in remover and sit it on your nail and hold for a few seconds and then it will come off.

If you like to create works of "nail art" at home then check out this article on How to Do a French Manicure and also How to Remove Gel Nail Polish Yourself at Home to create pretty nails without the added cost of a nail salon.

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