If you love the idea of dressed up nails but don’t want to pay a salon then you can do a simple French manicure at home that looks just as nice as the ones done at the salon or professional nail shops.  As nice as it is to get a professional manicure it can get expensive. 

So why not save your money for the special manicures and pedicures that you want and do the simpler ones yourself at home. 

The easiest way to do a professional looking French manicure (clear nails with white tips) is to use French Nail Guides.  You get these in a box and they may also be knows as French guide line stickers, or tip guides.

Some people will use scotch tape, painters tape or other tapes and wrap their finger nails in the tape and leave the tip of their nails open, but it can be hard to get that professional looking curved white tip using this method.  The tape method works best if you want the base of the white line straight across the face of your nails.

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You can get Nail tip guides in most beauty supply stores such as drugstores, but you can also get them online with Amazon and they are affordable.  If you love the look of this nail finish then you should consider purchasing your very own tip guides to have on hand as they are very easy to use and there are quite a few sets in a package.

French Manicure at Home

As you can see in the picture these guides work well but you don’t have to have long nails to get the same effect.  Even if your nails are shorter you can still use the tip guides and get a really nice effect with the white tips to your nails.

Here are the Steps to Creating Your Own Homemade French Manicure

Step 1 – Make sure you nails are free of products.  You could simply swipe some nail polish remover over your nails to make sure they are squeaky clean and free of hand lotion or oils or the tip guides will not stick properly.

Step 2 – Open Your Tip Guide Package.  Place the guides on each of your fingers and make sure they stick down well or you will get leakage.  You could use a cuticle pusher stick to make sure they are well stuck to your nails.

Step 3 – Paint Your Nail Tips.  Get out your favourite white nail polish and paint the exposed tips of your nails and stay within the guide.  Do 2 coats to get full coverage.  You can then spray your nails with a quick drying spray or simply take this time to watch TV or simply sit and relax until they are completely dry.

Step 4 – Remove the Tip Guides.  Carefully peel off the guides.  If you find you have some stray polish on the sides of your fingers, you can take a Q-tip and with a bit of polish remover clean up any leaks or bits on your skin.  This gives your finger nails a more professional look when you clean up any mishaps.

If you had the tip guides stuck down well, then there will be a perfectly clean line at the base of the white tip which looks really pretty.

Step 5 – Use a top coat.  You can get one with a bit of sheen and then coat your entire nail, so that your nail tips get protected from chipping and scratching and there is no expose edge.

That’s it!  Now you have a professional looking French manicure that you have done yourself.  The tip guides in my opinion are what makes this process much easier and more professional looking.  Although traditionally the French manicure is white tips you could experiment with different colours.  You can also get different French manicure designs that change the shape of the tip.

The tape method works too but you don’t usually get the right curve with this method and you have to use a lot of tape around your finger nails, and multiply this by 10 fingers and you could be trying to get the perfect shape for a long time. 

So consider getting the tip guides.  They are affordable and make the process much quicker.

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Check out the below video on How to Do a French Manicure Yourself at Home

A French Manicure can make you look like you have longer nails!

Even if your nails are shorter than the ones pictures you can do this procedure on your own natural nails and get a great finish.  The white tips will give the illusion of a longer nail and much prettier and cleaner looking nail.  I find this type of manicure to look very clean and polished.

French Manicure on Fake Nails

You can do this same procedure on fake or acrylic nails too.  You could also use shellac or gel polish too.  Just make sure you do two coats of the white or more to get that solid bright white nail tip.

A French Manicure is a great way to show off natural nails too!

With everyone wearing longer and longer acrylic nails and getting all kinds of nail art done, it can be nice to have a simple and yet very striking look to your nails.  Leaving your nail beds clear and then having the white tips has a very pretty look.

You can give your toes the same treatment.  Just make sure to use a pedicure spreader to separate your toes and use the nail guides for toes.  They will look very pretty in sandals.

The trick to having this look like a professional job, is to make sure the tip guides are stuck down well and that you have the same spacing for the tips on all your fingers.  Before you put the polish on, hold out your hand with the guides on your nails and eye ball the spacing and adjust if you need to.  Also see How to Remove Gel Nail Polish at Home.  This can save more money on your nail art! If you want to try something totally different then check out How to do a Caviar Manicure

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