Doing a natural body detox is one of the hottest and trendiest things to do to lose weight. Most of Hollywood's A list celebrities use this method to slim down for their up coming roles. The good news is that you too can use this program to drop those unwanted pounds. There are many companies out there that are trying to cash in on this trend. They packages some pill or liquid form to help you to do a natural body detox. Along with their product, they will usually include a restrictive food plan to help you to get the maximum benefits of the product. They work but are not a must have to lose weight. You can create the same type of affects on your own. You can easily get rid of your bloat and see the pound begin to just melt away with a natural body detox.


Step One


When you want to do a natural body detox, there are a few diet changes that you must make. If you attempt to do a cleanse without these changes you will be wasting your time and possibly your money. The first one is that you need to get rid of all artificial ingredients in your diet over the course your natural body detox. For most people, these are the culprits that prevent them from being able to lose weight. If you can not read the ingredient, then you should throw it out.

Step Two


The only the thing that you should be drinking is plain water. That means none of this flavored water even if it does not have any calories. You want the plain water without anything added if you want to successfully do a natural body detox. Your body was made to run on water not the sugary drinks that you so often give it. This will help you to lose weight and see the results that you want faster.


Step Three


While you are doing a natural body detox, your morning meal should consist of fruits and vegetables. The denser and more packed with water that they are the better. This is natural and fresh fruits and vegetable. You want to keep your food as natural as you can without adding anything to the mix if you want to see results.


Step Four


The rest of the meals for your day should continue to follow the fresh fruits and vegetable route. It is important to make sure that you are eating the most basic food possible. This means that you need to ban the salt shaker from your life when you want to do a natural body detox. You will also not want to add any oils, dips, or dressings of any type to the food that you are eating. If you do, you will sabotage your natural body detox and will have to start over again from scratch.


Step Five


Follow this natural body detox for a week. This will be more then enough time to clean out all of the built up toxins in your system. You will see almost immediate weight loss results of a few pounds when you do this. This is the water weight from cutting out the sodium and artificial ingredients from your diet.


Step Six


After the week of begin on a natural body detox, you will want to continue your efforts to lose weight. The best way to do this is to add complex carbohydrates and lean proteins to your daily meals. You want to make sure that you keep it to a single serving size of each. You will continue to lose weight as you follow this and any time that you feel you need an extra push, you can redo the natural body detox.