Biology Behind the Cleanse

So, why are some fasts healthy and beautifying, and others are not? It comes down to simply biology. Juice cleanses, if approached correctly, can flush out wastes and toxins in the body at the microcellular and macro levels, as well as help you to achieve clarity of mind.

In simple terms, every cell in your body contains some amount of waste in its cytoplasm, or “cell soup.” The cells are able to flush out most of this waste through the intestines, skin, and kidneys, but over time, this waste builds up, especially if the body is consuming large amounts of chemically enhanced foods with large percentages of preservatives. If the cell has built up too much waste, it can no longer flush it out - this causes low-grade form of a condition called toxemia. Most adults suffer from some amount of toxemia. Luckily, a juice cleanse can do wonderful things for this condition - essentially, once the body stops intaking solids and chemicals, this stops the build-up of waste. The lack of toxicity in circulatory system (combined with the lack of energy being spent on the digestive system) allows the cells to flush out the waste, which causes enormous health benefits.

However, once the cells get rid of the waste, it takes time for it to be transported fully out of the body. If you approach a fast incorrectly, it is possible to stop the cleanse prematurely and halt the process. This is why it is important to stay informed when it comes to fasting.

How long to cleanse

Cleansing typically takes place for 1-3 days, 1 week, or even several weeks, depending on the person and their health. What’s important when deciding how long to cleanse is to pay attention to your body and how you feel. If you are doing the fast correctly, you should be able to feel when your body has fully flushed out the toxins. This is when you can phase out of the cleanse. Your first cleanse should never go longer than one week, but you can work up from this over time.

Supplements of a healthy cleanse

If you want to receive the full healing benefits of a juice cleanse, there are plenty of supplementary activities that you can - but don’t have to - partake in. For instance, meditation on a cleanse can be an even more wholesome activity than while not on a cleanse. Light exercise such as stretching and long, casual walks can be beneficial for both the mind and the body.

Good luck!

If you take heed of all of the above advice and listen to your body, you will receive all the benefits of mind and body from your juice cleanse. Remember, your health and safety is number one, and if you are ever unsure about something, ask a doctor. Good luck, and be safe.