Learn how to do a salt body scrub at home and reap the benefits whenever you feel like it. A salt body scrub stimulates the body in several ways. It cleanses pores and ex-foliates dead skin cells; stimulates circulation and the removal of toxins via the lymphatic system;  promotes new cell growth and makes your skin glow and tingle with energy.

To make a salt scrub for your body you should use sea salt. Fine salt is only suitable for use on the face. Although you can apply the sea salt directly to the body, it is simpler to apply if mixed into a paste first. Mix the salt flakes with sesame oil or olive oil to make the paste. The added oil will also nourish your skin. Use a handful of the sea salt with two tablespoons of oil. Add a drop of lavender or rose essential oil to make the salt body scrub mixture more fragrant. Mix the ingredients in a bowl.

Ensure that the bathroom is warm for when you do your salt body scrub. Have warm towels to hand for afterward. Before applying the salt scrub to your body, soak for between 1 and 2 minutes under a warm shower. Ensure that the body is completely wet. Now step out from beneath the flow of water. Use your hand to scoop up some of the salt scrub mixture. Massage the scrub thoroughly into your skin. Start from the feet, using your whole hand for massaging. Use circular motions. Don't forget to scrub the soles of the feet too.

Carry on up the legs, moving gradually. Remember to use circular motions all the way. You should pay extra attention to the thigh and buttock regions. The circulatory system tends to be sluggish in these areas, causing cellulite to appear. Massage the sea salt scrub into your back as far as you can reach. Next, massage the abdomen and chest areas gently. Lastly, scrub the arms and shoulders and also your hands themselves.

Now get back under the water and continue massaging the salt scrub into your body while it washes off. When the salt scrub has gone, turn the shower to a cold, or cool, setting. Remain under the shower for a minute. Ensure that the water runs completely over your body.

Finally, get out of the shower and wrap yourself in warm towels. Dry your body vigorously. Get into a warm dressing gown, then lie down for 5 minutes in a comfortable place. Cover yourself with a blanket or duvet if you feel chilly at all.

The salt body scrub should leave you feeling tingly and completely re-energized all over. Learn how to do a sea salt body scrub at home and you can use the technique whenever you're feeling a little jaded. It is also useful for when you want to freshen up the skin all over your body, perhaps in preparation for a holiday in the sun.