magic trick

There are a lot of adaptations of the voodoo magic trick. What you're trying to do here is merely making the person believe you know what they're thinking of or what they had written down. One instance is telling the person what they had written down on a piece of paper.

For this, you'll need to round up someone and ask them if they would like to perform a magic trick. If they're more than happy, ask them to write something in a piece of paper. When they are finished, you tell them to crumple the piece of paper and lay it on the ashtray.

You then light it up using a match or any lighter and when it is entirely burned, you get the burned up piece of paper and rub this on your arms. When you're done, you tell the person what was written on the paper.

The key to actually making this trick work is being able to look at the paper just before this is totally burned. You must do this without the other person noticing so they will not know how you did it.

A similar trick will be having a volunteer come up with a number between one and one hundred and saying this aloud. You then show the piece of paper with the same number already written that will just make them believe you are able to read their minds.

For this to work, you'll need to wrap a little piece of cellophane tape on your thumb and a broken pencil lead which you'll set on your thumb. Just before they say the number, you make believe to write the number they are thinking of on the piece of paper. When they say it aloud, you use your thumb with the broken lead and write it down and then show it to them.

There's also this "think of any card" magic trick. Rather than writing something down, you just give the person time to think which card they like then say it aloud. When they say, it, you merely take it out of your pocket and surprise them since you just showed them the card they had chosen.

But how do you do that? Many people say this trick is a wild guess but you will be able to get a way with it because many pick the queen or hearts, nine of diamonds, ace of spades, or the six of clubs. For this to work, you must have all the cards ready and then simply pull the right one out of your pocket. Just be sure you know where all of these are placed so you get it right the first time.

Can anybody really read a person's mind? Of course not but this is the beauty about magic since you are creating the illusion that you are able to. It will just take some time to apply each of three magic tricks brought up so you can get this right and you will be able to make everybody believe you have this gift.

The voodoo magic tricks are really simple and anybody can learn how to do it. If you're able to master these and require another challenge, do some search about other magic tricks so you are able to show it off to your friends.