Did you know that you can do an Email scam check manually? You don't need to search through Email spam and hoax websites and hope their information is accurate; there is a way that you can check messages yourself safely and use your own judgment. You probably already know that you should not open a suspicious Email, and to be safe you should delete Emails you receive from people you don't know, since clicking on links or attachments in these messages can infect your How to Do an Email Scam Check(48138)Credit: Amberdawn 2011computer with a virus. But this article isn't about antivirus protection or what Email spam you should delete. I actually found a way that you can "peek" at the contents of a strange Email WITHOUT opening it! So if you're curious like me, and nervous about deleting suspicious Email in case it actually is something important, read on to learn how to do an Email scam check.


How to Do an Email Scam Check(48137)Credit: Amberdawn 2011Since you should never open suspected Email spam, you'll need to check it "covertly." Click on the suspected Email spam once to highlight it without opening it. In some instances, there is a box to check. If your Email account automatically opens an Email when you click it a single time, skip this step and proceed to step 2 to safely do your Email scam check.



 How to Do an Email Scam Check(48135)Credit: Amberdawn 2011View the message source to do an Email scam check
Right click on the message you want to perform an Email scam check on. This will cause a dialogue box to pop up with different options such as deleting, printing, and so on. Click the last option, "view message source."



How to Do an Email Scam CheckCredit: Amberdawn 2011Notice that a new tab will pop up with a bunch of (to a layperson like me) gibberish. This is a text only version of the contents of your Email. If you skim this over, you should eventually find the text that your Email message contains. In the photo, you can see I highlighted a message from someone I never met who wants to go into business with me, so it's safe to assume it's Email spam, or even a scam that I can delete with no qualms. And that's it! So next time you receive a suspicious message that you're curious about, you can do an Email scam check yourself. Good luck!