The latest rage in diets is the 400 Calorie Fix Diet. The diet introduced on the Rachel Ray show by the editors of Prevention is a simple way to control calories, eat nutritiously and lose weight.

The premise behind the diet is simple. Eat 400 calories 4 times a day. This adds up to 1600 calories which is the number of calories many men and women will lose weight on. If you are very big or small you may need to vary this. The diet offers satiation, satisfaction and healthy weight loss.

To lose weight on the 400 Calorie Diet Fix you will need to plan meals that total 400 calories each. You can make this easier by following simple tips.

1. Use a 400 calorie cookbook. There are several on the market. Prevention offers the 400 Calorie Fix Diet book through their website. Amazon has other offerings by different authors.

2. Use a calorie counting book to make your favorite meals 400 calories. For example if you enjoy eggs and toast for breakfast, add in a few nuts and an orange to bring the count up to a 400 calorie fix diet. Though it seems odd to add calories to a meal, you will find that eating meals that are about even in caloric content throughout the day will keep your blood sugar levels normal and keep hunger at bay.

3. One of the best fast weight loss tips is to eyeball portions to help determine the amount of calories. This is especially helpful for eating out following the 400 calorie fix diet plan. For example one tablespoon of peanut butter has about 80 calories. Knowing that from a thumbtip to your first knuckle is about the size of a tablespoon can help you judge a portion of peanut butter.

4. Be sure to factor in drinks to follow a 400 calorie fix diet. Sodas, alcohol and other drinks must all be counted when following the plan.

5. Be prepared. Plan simple meals the day before so it is easier to stick to the 400 calorie fix diet.

6. Use the internet to look up dishes from your favorite restaurants. When you go out you will know what to order. Many dishes will have more calories than needed to follow the 400 calorie fix diet. You can still order many of them, just be sure to cut down the portion size so you stick to the plan.

7. Take notes on what you eat by recording your meals daily. You can look back at your notes and follow the same meal plan eat 400 calorie fix easily.

By taking a few minutes to plan your eating each day, you can follow the 400 calorie fix diet, lose weight and keep it off!