The Master Cleanse was developed years ago by Stanley Burroughs. Since that time many have tried it and claim they have lost weight, regained health and feel rejuvenated. Beyonce Knowles shared with Oprah that she lost 20 pounds on the Master Cleanse. Here is how to do the Master Cleanse.

Things You Will Need

Master Cleanse Lemonade Drink (one serving = 2 TB lemon juice, 2 TB maple syrup, 1/10 tsp. cayenne, 10 oz filtered water)

Salt Water Drink (1 tsp sea salt, room temperature water)

Step 1

Check with your doctor to make sure the Master Cleanse is an option for you.

Step 2

Prepare yourself mentally and physically before you do the Master Cleanse. You will want to lower your intake of food a few days prior to starting the Master Cleanse. You may want to take off work for the first few days of the Master Cleanse to see how it effects your body. Clean your kitchen of junk food to help you avoid temptation when you do the Master Cleanse.

Step 3

Prepare the lemon drink by mixing the ingredients listed for the Master Cleanse lemonade drink. Shake well. Each day you will drink 6-12 glasses of the lemon drink. Drinking the "lemonade" is essential to do the Master Cleanse.

Step 4

Each evening drink a salt water drink. This will make you use the restroom, so be sure one is close by.

Step 5

Stay on the Master Cleanse 3-10 days. Keep in mind the first few days are usually the most difficult.

Step 6

When you have finished the Master Cleanse, ease back into more food. Add juices the day after you finish the Master Cleanse. The following day add fruits and veggies. Add food back gradually with grains on day 4.

Tips & Warnings