As a massive service economy hub of Ohio, with over 478,000 people (according to the 2000 census), the city of Cleveland is not without its own share of those needy and underprivileged people who could stand to gain great benefit from receiving a generous donation of furniture or clothing. While one can donate many things, ranging from toys to clothing and even frequent flier miles, furniture donations provide an outstanding opportunity for you to sincerely help others while also giving you a viable alternative to keeping furniture that you would rather get rid of for one reason or another. Perhaps you have decided upon a furniture upgrade, or you no longer have the space to store a given piece of furniture, fortunately, there are many groups and organizations in Cleveland, Ohio that handle the processing of those who hope to donate furniture.

Things You Will Need

  • Old furniture, that is in reasonably usable condition

Step 1

Appropriately assessing your potential furniture donation will be absolutely important. Even though mild wear and tear is to be expected as furniture naturally ages, a greater degree of rips, tears, or stains may make the furniture unsuitable for donation. If you have many pieces of furniture that you would like to donate, you may want to consider making a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet with pertinent data regarding each piece for your own organization. Information included can be the name of the piece of furniture, as well as, any particular noticeable deficiencies or flaws. If, at any time, you are unsure of whether or not a piece of furniture is suitable to be donated to a charitable organization, you should strongly consider contacting that particular place.

Step 2

Your donation of good used furniture can be picked up by a place called the Cleveland Furniture Bank. Within this step, you should contact the Cleveland Furniture Bank, and, since they do have a furniture pickup service, you can also take the opportunity to arrange for a suitable pickup time that will accommodate your schedule. Livable furniture, such as couches, beds, tables or chairs, are sought out most by the Cleveland Furniture Bank. These items can be then given to those who could take these generous furniture donations and make a more functional and inviting living space in Cleveland, Ohio.

Step 3

Beyond contacting the Cleveland Furniture Bank, the Cleveland branch of the Salvation Army also has a similar process of providing a furniture pickup service that can accommodate your schedule.

Step 4

You may or may not have a contact, friend, or family member that is closely associated with a nearby Cleveland school or church. If you do, you can potentially gain a rough estimate of the needs of each group. A church may be able to accept a used couch as a welcomed addition to a room that was created specifically for their youth group. A school drama team may be able to use a piece of old furniture, whether to relax on or to actually integrate as a prop for a play or upcoming show. Think outside the box can certainly help you to best identify needs in your neighboring community, and determine how to best meet those needs through your generous furniture donations.

Step 5

If you have decided to donate your furniture to the Cleveland Furniture Bank or to the Cleveland branch of the Salvation Army, staging the furniture near the entrance of your house or living quarters can help those who will be picking up your furniture expedite the process. Rather than have to stumble through your house, placing the furniture donation near the front door can certainly help.

While resolving to donate furniture can be an esteemed charitable act, it is also important to make furniture donations that are in reasonably good condition. The furniture that you donate will ultimately end up in the hands of others, so, for this reason, it is important to consider the end person when you decide that furniture donation is right for you. What condition of furniture would you personally like to receive? With this mentality, you can assess and determine if your potential donation of furniture is even in good enough shape and condition to be passed on. In some cases, a piece of furniture may be so old and worn out that it may only be suitable for placement in a landfill. While all furniture is naturally expected to undergo a natural process of wear and tear, furniture donations should not be made if there is excessive rips or stains in the fabric of the furniture.

Dependent on the non-profit organization that you choose to donate your good used furniture to, the proceeds from the sale of your donation may be used in a variety of different ways. For example, donating your furniture to the Cleveland Salvation Army will ultimately be sold in a thrift store, whereby the proceeds with be directed towards alcohol and drug treatment programs that will help to better serve your neighboring community. General speaking, many who donate furniture simply want to see good done with their donation, regardless of the form that "good" comes in.

Tips & Warnings

Dependent upon the size of furniture, or vehicle size constraints, you may not have the ability to actually transport your good used furniture donation to your selected organization, group, or agency. Fortunately, in order to accommodate those who are generously donating, many organizations do provide a donation pickup service that will completely remove the stress and labor associated with trying to move the furniture donation yourself. In many cases, elderly people may own this furniture, they may want to donate it, and furniture pickup donation service will ensure that the process is conducted with little difficulty.

If you have personally made furniture donations in Cleveland, Ohio, or even if you know someone who has, it would be an absolute honor to have you comment on this Info Barrel article! Subtle discrepancies may exist among various non profit organizations, how they say they actually handle and process furniture donations, and how they actually did in your personal experience. It is these experiences that will help others to best make a furniture donation in Cleveland, Ohio.

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