If you have arrived on this Info Barrel article, you are probably wondering how you can best donate furniture regardless of where you live in Massachusetts. Not only can generous furniture donations be a great way to avoid resorting to a landfill when you deem it necessary to actually get rid of your furniture, but assuming that your furniture is still in relatively good condition, a donation of furniture can be a welcomed blessing to those who could use it the most. Dependent on the non profit organization that you decide to ultimately donate your furniture to, you will find that either the furniture will be given directly to people who are seeking it, or it will be sold at a discounted rate, through a thrift store, in order to help raise funds to promote the non profit organizations' mission.

Much like most other states and cities, there are certain non profit organizations, such as the Salvation Army and Goodwill Industries, that have very recognizable and trustworthy national presences that can effectively handle your potential furniture donations. Because your generous charitable donation of furniture can go a long way towards doing a significant amount of good for those struggling low income families in your community, it is important that you know what your options are, and the slight variances in standards and policies, when it comes to making furniture donations in Massachusetts.

Things You Will Need

Good old used furniture

Step 1

With a necessary holistic approach to addressing the variety of socioeconomic factors that can contribute to homelessness, the Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless has an online presence located at their website at http://www.mahomeless.org. On their website, you can read more about the history and origin of their Coalition through the "About Us" tab on their website's navigation menu. Not only can you make generous furniture donations by contacting the Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless, but you can also help further contribute to the fight against Massachusetts homelessness by becoming a member, attending monthly coalition meetings, volunteering, or even initiating a collection drive. These options for varying levels of involvement can be found by clicking on the "Get Involved" tab on their website.

The vast array of furniture that the Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless accepts ranges from just about any kind of large or small piece of furniture. Among the most suitable items are those pieces of furniture that can be used to enhance the living arrangements of those who need it the most, such as tables, chairs, couches and nightstands. If you feel so moved to go beyond your generous furniture donations, through their website one can also give a financial donation that will be used to forward their goal and mission of ending Massachusetts homelessness.

Step 2

While charitable non profit organizations are among the first options to be thought of when one is considering making a generous donation of their furniture, sometimes thinking outside the box can incur great options for you to donate furniture. Local nearby schools or churches may very well be able to use your furniture donation in a manner that you may not have initially thought of. A school's drama team may find a piece of furniture to be a welcomed addition to a hang out room or even perhaps an additional prop for an upcoming show performance. A nearby church may be able to use a piece of furniture in order to furnish and complement a youth group meeting room. Rather than immediately consider disposing of your furniture in a landfill, it will certainly help to consider the needs of others and how your furniture donation can help to best meet those needs.

Step 3

Much like the Salvation Army, Goodwill Industries also has a nationally established presence and highly esteemed reputation for the work it does in communities all around the country. While monies earned from the sale of donated items and products through a Salvation Army thrift store typically go to help drug abuse treatment programs, the proceeds from Goodwill Industries' stores around the country go to fund activities such as after school programs and job training. Either avenue of donation will be sure to incur a degree of 'good' to the community that these nationally recognized non profit organizations are generously serving.

The Massachusetts Division of the Salvation Army, including thrift store locations, contact numbers, and days and hours of operation can be found online. In accordance with their list online, this information is broken down organizationally by the specific Massachusetts County that is served by each thrift store. Gently used clothing, as well as furniture donations and other household items can be found at the Salvation Army's thrift stores. These items are typically donated through Salvation Army Drop-off bins, furniture donation pickup services, family stores and community centers.

Throughout Massachusetts, Goodwill Industries also has donation centers through which good used furniture can be donated.

Step 4

If you have made the proper arrangements for a non profit organization's donation pickup service, in accordance with your own schedule, it will best help everyone involved if you can at least stage the furniture for easy access in your house by those who will ultimately pick it up. Rather than have to stumble through your living quarters, with may or may not have obstacles, placing your furniture donations near your household door can provide an easy means for your furniture to be quickly extracted with little hassle. If you don't have the means or ability to move your furniture donations yourself, you can either enlist someone who is more capable of helping, or, if you can't do it, you can forgoe this article step. Ideally, you will want to make furniture pickup as easy as possible, however, it may not always be as easy as we would like for it to be dependent upon the nature and weight of the furniture.

Those charitable non profit organizations that ultimately end up selling furniture donations in order to provide the funds to sustain other programs will expect and require furniture that is in at least somewhat presentable condition. Excessive scrapes in wood, or tears in fabric upholstery, may make the furniture donation unable to be accepted. Remember, for each piece of furniture that you hope to donate, there will also be a real live human being who will eventually take ownership of it. Be sure that, as you assess the furniture that you will be donating, that you try to think reasonably with regards to what others will want and can gain the most benefit from. While some may say "beggars can't be choosers", in the case of furniture donations, you furniture should really have maintained a degree of presentation while not be so compromised that it doesn't even perform it's function safely for the end customer.

Tips & Warnings

Many charitable non profit organizations do recognize the fact that it may be beyond the donators means to actually move or transport their furniture from their place of living. For this reason, these non profit organizations, like the Salvation Army and Goodwill Industries, do offer a furniture pickup donation service. Without this service, it is highly likely that you would have many people who would want to donate furniture, only to not be able to because they simply do not have the labor or truck towing capacity to do so. For those who are elderly, this donation pickup service has proven to be a sheer Godsend. When you call to make arrangements for donation pickup with the non profit organization, be sure that you provide a time that works best and doesn't conflict with your schedule. It does absolutely no good if their furniture donation pickup service comes along only to find that noone is around to give them access to obtain the furniture piece.

If you have personally made furniture donations in Massachusetts, or even if you know someone who has, it would be an absolute honor to have you comment on this Info Barrel article! Subtle discrepancies may exist among various non profit organizations, how they say they actually handle and process furniture donations, and how they actually did in your own personal experience. It is these experiences that will help others to best make a furniture donation regardless of where you live in Massachusetts.

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