What might seem like old furniture to you can actually be an antique for someone else. When you donate old furniture you get two positives in return. One; you get a tax break for contributing your old furniture, and two; you get to help someone. Obviously both parties win here, so why not start digging through the attic to find some treasure to give and get some good karma in return.

Things You Will Need

Old Furniture
Yellow Pages

Step 1

I know that in these times, where we use the Internet for everything the last thing you want to look inside is that 10 lb yellow page book, but you'd be surprise of how great of a resource it is when you're going to donate your old furniture. Because not everyone that is on the yellow pages discovered the power of the Internet you'll find a bigger amount of local charitable organizations that will take your old used furniture. It doesn't matter if you live in just look under associations, health services or social and human services categories and you'll find places that accept old furniture for donation.

Step 2

You can always find alternatives and if you don't want to donate your furniture to a non-profit, or charity it's okay to find other resources. By thinking of those who might benefit or might be in need of a piece of furniture. Going to church on a Sunday and asking random people if they'd be interested can be an option. At a school you could contact people who would be in charge of this subject. Now with technology is can be easier; just posting on your Facebook page if you have one that you have a piece of furniture you're giving away you can make it go viral asking your friend to spread the word.

Step 3

One option that might not be available to you is Goodwill, I know that in my little town we have it, and I am sure that in many other towns it might be available as well. If you don't have a Goodwill available another non-profit organization like Salvation Army can provide the same service. If you contact them you can be sure that you'll get to donate your old furniture.

Step 4

If for some reason you cannot deliver the old furniture yourself, you can arrange to get it picked up. Most of these charitable organizations will send someone to your residence if you're donating it.

Step 5

And finally, don't forget you're doing this to get good karma but also to get a tax break. For you to be able to proof that you actually donated something during the tax year you'll need a receipt from the charity, agency, or organization that takes your donation. Make sure you do receive it and keep it somewhere where you can go back and grab when its tax time. It's important that you make it as specific as possible, because you don't want to find out that your donation didn't qualify for a tax break.
The different number of organizations that will take your donations small or large old furniture are everywhere. It's important to think before you donate it, if its something that you would actually still use, don't just donate something that has no value whatsoever. In this case, use your common sense to figure this out before you go get a receipt for it. Think about it, would you like someone bringing you something they would like to throw away and tell you "here, I brought you a gift" of course not. Be honest and it need a little cleaning make sure you do it. Remember this is good karma.

Tips & Warnings

On the way to taking the furniture secure all the furniture to the truck or whatever vehicle you're using. You want to make sure that if it's delicate you don't break it on the way to the place. You don't want to spend all your time getting it all ready and then finding out that when you get there to the charity or non-profit organization that everything is into pieces and unusable. Try to make this experience as smooth as possible for you and the people taking care of the donation.