For as much as I am sure we would all love to see the underprivileged, especially children, enjoy many of the same benefits and luxuries as those with deeper coffers in society, sometimes a great viable alternative to giving money can be to give other goods of value to these people. Besides donating everything from furniture to frequent flyer miles, did you know that you can also donate toys to charity? Donating toys to charity can be a very worthwhile endeavor because of the smile and benefit it will give to a child who may have never received a toy in their lives.

Sadly, with economic strains impacting almost everyone's pocket books nowadays, some parents just really don't have the means to purchase toys for their children, especially when other needs take precedence and are propelled to the forefront of their consideration. Regardless of the season, this Info Barrel article will get you started in figuring out how to best donate toys to charitable organizations in Georgia. Founded on their solid missions to provide donated toys to underprivileged children, the following organizations, in Georgia, can help you get new, or reasonably used, toys into their hands through your generous toy donations.

Things You Will Need


Step 1

In Georgia, toy donations can be made to a variety of not for profit organization charities that exist throughout the state. Many of the same nationally recognized charities that exist throughout the country can also be found within the vicinity of where you live in Georgia. Such highly favored and trusted non profit organizations include the Salvation Army, Toys for Tots, and Goodwill Industries. Each of these non profit organizations has a very solid reputation and presence both offline, and online.

Wherever children may shop with their parents, or they may generally congregate, you may be able to contact the overseeing agency to see if they would be able to accept charitable donations of toys for these children. Beyond the above non profit organizations, churches may be able to use donated toys for nursery or Sunday School, especially if they have booming population of young children who attend. Local thrift stores and schools may also be able to utilize your donated toys.

Step 2

Dependent on the non profit organization and the condition of the toys, they may or may not be able to accept your toy donation. Each non profit organization has stringent standards regarding the toys that they will accept. You will find that used toy donations will be accepted by the Salvation Army as well as Goodwill Industries, while Toys for Tots only accepts charitable donations of unopened toys for its program. Knowing that these subtle discrepancies exist will help you to avoid attempting to donate a used toy to an organization like Toys for Tots who will not be able to accept it.

Step 3

You can learn more about each respective charity's donation process by navigating online to their websites. As mentioned earlier, whether you are interested in making a toys donation to the Salvation Army, Goodwill Industries, or Toys for Tots, you will find that each has a very highly regarded and respected online presence that fully complements the good charitable work they do offline. Both the Salvation Army and Goodwill industries do, in fact, have store locations all throughout the state of Georgia where you can drop off and donate toys at any time. Rather than going directly to a Toys for Tots building, Toys for Tots actually utilizes local Georgia businesses to serve as drop off centers for toys that are being donated.

If you are interested in making a toys donation to a school or church, you may already have connections that can get you in touch with a teacher or with a pastor. Speaking to an authority figure in one of these circles can help you determine if there is a need, in the first place, for donated toys.

Step 4

Once you have determined which charity you would like to donate your toys to, and have identified their standard donating process and procedures, you will want to simply take your toys to the charity of your choosing. Be sure to also keep a record of your generous toy donation because you can use these as a tax deduction on your federal income tax return.

Learning how to donate toys to charity doesn't have to be a difficult process. It is important to realize that, just as make and types of toys vary, so also do non profit organizations vary, if ever so slightly, when it comes to what kind of toys they will accept as donations as well as their actual toy donation process.

Tips & Warnings

While used toys can and will be accepted by both the Salvation Army, as well as, Goodwill Industries, be sure that your donated toys are up to a reasonable standard in condition and presentation. Even though some underprivileged children may have never been fortunate enough to receive a toy in their life, this doesn't mean that you should try to donate anything. Toy receipt should be a happy and welcoming time for a child, and donating a raggedy or borderline mutilated toy just isn't really in good taste. When you donate to children you will leave a lasting impression of generosity and goodwill that will endure for years to come.

If you have personally made toy donations to charity in Georgia, or even if you know someone who has, it would be an absolute honor to have you comment on this Info Barrel article! With the winter months upon us, Christmas time presents a better opportunity than ever to finally assess you old toys, or your children's toys, and explore the above options for donating them to an internationally recognized charity that will do good things with your donation. Even though toys come in varyious shapes, sizes, and configurations, children, of all ages, will find great excitement in any toy ranging from a toy bear to lego sets and action figures. Your generous and charitbale toy donations will be certainly welcomed by these children as they grow into adulthood.

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