With the will to donate household items to charity, there is no dearth of ways to find suitable organizations, which can help one do so. Some charity organizations even collect household items as donations at doorsteps, once they are informed. Though there are hundreds and thousands of charity organizations out there, some definite ways to find them are:

1. On the Internet: A search on Google, Yahoo or Bing would list thousands of charity organizations, which you can filter according to your locality. For such local searches, Google is the most appropriate. Just type in:

DONATE HOUSEHOLD ITEMS TO CHARITY +"your city/county's name"

to get the list of websites and postal addresses.

3. Word-of-mouth: There is a lot of information people around us know which is not listed in a directory or on the internet. Asking around the locality might lead to some charity organizations which have been in contact in the past. This is an effective way to get feedback on the organizations too.

2. Listing directories: Directories like Yellow Pages usually have contact information for all sorts of organizations, especially old ones. Thus, it would be a nice idea to try and find a few charity organizations in the locality.

4. Contact the local government bodies: Many bodies of the city and county government accept donations in the form of household items to help the poor, homeless and calamity-stricken people. They would definitely have a list of organizations to contact, in order to donate.


Rather than looking further, it is also a viable option to donate the household items directly to local bodies like Churches, civic groups, homeless shelters etc. Given the help provided to the local population through churches regularly, most churches would readily and gladly accept such donations, while making sure the donated items are properly used. A vast majority of civic groups have localized chapters in various cities, thus making the process of donation quicker and easier. Homeless shelters maintained through government funding could surely do with donations in the form of common household items, making the shelters better places to live in for men, women and children.

All the ways listed above help in donating to the needy through an intermediate organization or body. However, being able to help an individual or family in need is a much better way to serve the community. There are definitely people in each locality in need of common household items, who would very gratefully accept any donation.