According to National Alliance To End Homelessness statistics, there are over 66,000 homeless people in the state of Michigan. Of these, 24,713 are in shelter homes. The other 41,338 are still homeless and spend nights out in the cold. Youth under 17 years old compose 5 percent of the homeless in Michigan. This translates to 3000 vulnerable young people out in the streets without a place to call home. To help end this homelessness crisis, individuals, companies and humanitarian organizations have come together to donate houses for these people.

Things You Will Need

House to donate
Documents showing house ownership
Charity to donate to

Step 1

Find the charity home you want to help. There are different types of charity homes catering to homeless people with different needs. There are shelters for youth, domestic violence victims and HIV victims. Child and Family Services of Michigan caters to homeless children, while Lapeer Area Residents Against Domestic Assault caters to violence victims. Charity homes for homeless Michigan children operate under the McKinney Vento Homeless Assistance Act that seeks to provide housing and education to all homeless people.

Step 2

Register with an online donation company. Online companies such as Donate Real Estate and Real Estate with Causes help people to donate houses to the homeless in Michigan. To avoid fraudsters, ensure that the home you choose is registered with the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in Michigan. The HUD department can be contacted using the details below: Detroit Field Office 477 Michigan Avenue Detroit, MI 48226-2592 207-945-0467 Fax 207-945-0533

Step 3

Fill in the documents for donation. The documents that you are required to fill include a quit claim deed, a warranty claim deed, a donation agreement and a declaration of the deed and gift.

Step 4

Get a receipt for your donation. A receipt helps to assure you that the organization is registered as stipulated under section 501(c)(3) of Michigan state laws and meets the charitable deductions guidelines of Michigan. Array

Tips & Warnings

* Join the Michigan Homeless Consortium chapter to know how your house donation will benefit the homeless. * Donation companies have giveaways for donors such as holidays and vacations; check to see if you qualify for one.