Donate to your favorite non-profit!

There are an uncountable number of nonprofit and charitable organizations all over the world. Some of them are not registered as such but perform charitable actions, some of them are registered as  nonprofit corporations, and some of them additionally have the 501(c)(3) status. In the US, the 501(c)(3) status gives the benefit to the donor that their donations will be tax-deductible (and also holds the organization itself to a government standard of practice).

When looking for a charitable organization to donate to, a simple Google search will generally be able to return results based on your criteria entered (for example, special needs + nonprofit + Texas). If you’re in a smaller city and looking to donate to local charity that has a direct impact in your community,  try calling your local government offices to see if they have knowledge of organizations operating within the area that might fit your needs. You can also try GuideStar, a free service which holds a searchable database of hundreds of thousands of organizations just waiting to put your donations to work.

If you’re looking to donate to a nonprofit and want to make sure your donation will be tax-deductible, you can ask to see the organization’s IRS letter confirming their 501c(3) status, or use this easy to use site built just for locating charitable organizations that have been granted status. Remember, 501(c)(3) organizations don’t just refer to big names like Habitat for Humanity and the Red Cross, but to any organization that has chosen to register – big and small!

To see how donations have been historically used in any registered 501c(3) you can go here and enter the name of the organization you are interested in to pull up their IRS form 990. Even though an organization classified as a 501c(3) is exempt from federal taxes, they do have to file the 990 information form with the IRS so that they, and the public, and evaluate how the organization operates. This is an important yearly step for every 501c(3) to maintain that glorious tax-exempt status!

Good luck and happy donating!