Veterans Car DonationThe process to donate your car has been simplified due to changes in the IRS law. In fact, you can donate your car in just 5 easy steps. Even better, there is a veterans car donation program that is chartered by Congress. This veterans car donation organization is called Purple Heart Donations and it exists solely for the purpose of helping wounded veterans. You can donate your car to make a real difference in the life of a wounded veteran, here's how.

Wat are the steps for donating a car to help veterans?

The first thing to do to is to make sure you have a clear title and the keys. Unfortunately you can't donate your car without a clear title.  You may have to get a copy from the local department of motor vehicles if you can't find it.

Due to changes in the tax law you don't have to determine the value before you donate it. The veterans car donation charity will sell the vehicle and send you a receipt. No more guessing the value, just have the charity pick it up and you'll get a receipt in the mail or via email declaring it's final value.

Find the veterans car donation website, I suggest visiting a site like Cars4Causes, they list all the places you can donate your car. Once you get to the site just fill out a simple online form and they'll take care of the rest.

The veterans car donation charity will contact you pretty quickly, usually the next day to arrange for pickup.

When they arrive, just give them the title, the keys, and of course, the car.

You can donate your car pretty effortlessly these days, Even better you can donate your car to help wounded veterans.

Please consider the veterans car donation when you want to get rid of your car. Also be aware that you can donate it even if it's in pretty bad condition or even isn't running. I think they deserve it.