Download Books for Free

If you're like me and read a different book every couple of days, it might be prudent to invest in an e-Reader. While I can't comment on other devices as I haven't used them, the Kindle Paperwhite I have fits my needs (lets me reads books, is lightweight, has a light, and isn't overly expensive). I have over 300 books on my Kindle and when you consider the following factors an e-Book reader is a great investment:

  • Lightweight

If I were to carry around 300 books, I would probably be writing this article from the hospital. Meanwhile, my Kindle Paperwhite weighs 7.8 ounces (or about half a pound).

  • Cheaper

Most of the time, eBooks tend to be cheaper[1] than physical books.

Now, not only do I save money on the books I purchase by purchasing electronic versions, I am able to download a majority of eBooks online for free. While you won't be able to download books for free all the time, there are a surprising amount of books in the public domain, especially "classic" novels.

Using a free program called Calibre, you can download eBooks as well as...

  1. Manage your library
  2. Convert eBooks
  3. Sync to e-Readers
  4. Download news from the web and convert it into eBook format
  5. View eBooks
  6. Access your book collection online
  7. and edit eBooks!

So first, download Calibre (it has support for Windows 32/64 bit, OSX, and Linux).

When you run Calibre for the first time, the setup wizard will setup the program for your reading device.

After setting up Calibre, you will see a blank library.


Time to build your library!

At the top of Calibre you will see a button labeled "Get books." Click that button and search for whatever title it is that you want. You'll see a variety of options to choose from. Sort by price from low to high (pictured below), and you might be lucky enough to score yourself a free read!


Simply double click the title you want and you can choose the format you prefer (for Kindle Paperwhite, you want the native .mobi or .azw3 file if they have it). Once you've found the books you need, connect your eBook reader and after selecting what you want to transfer onto your device, hit "Send to Device" (pictured below). Calibre should already be set to automatically convert eBooks to your device's native format.

Send ebook to device

And there you have it! A guide to downloading books for free and making them available to read on your preferred reading device!

Happy reading!

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.” - Dr. Seuss

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