How to Download Cydia

Do You Want to Know How to Download Cydia?

It's a lot easter than you think. First things first though - what is Cydia? Cydia is actually a piece of software that lets users of "jailbroken" iPhones, iPod Touches, and iPads browse and download applications. There are other similar applications, however Cydia is generally well-received due to its user-friendly, graphical interface. As for the applications, the Cydia store features many of them, and there are both free and paid options available.

Why Do People Want Cydia?

Before learning about how to download Cydia, you might be curious about why Cydia exists and why so many people want to know about how to download Cydia. The main reason Cydia was created was to allow those who own jailbroken iPhones to be able to download software and make modifications that you otherwise would not be able to make.

One interesting note is that Cydia also allows the user to gain access to applications that were rejected from the official iPhone App Store. Once you download Cydia, it's a great means of obtaining tons of applications and functionality that the traditional iPhone App Store doesn't allow for.

Here It Is: How to Download Cydia

This is the secret that people don't seem to realize. You don't need to know how to download Cydia, because it already exists on your device once you jailbreak it!

If you haven't jailbroken your device yet, you should consider doing so with a program like Blackra1n or Redsn0w. Then, you should see a Cydia icon on your home screen, which you can access to launch the software. If you still don't see it, you will want to go back and make sure you've successfully jailbroken your iPhone, iPod, or iPad.

Warning: Never select Apple's upgrade option, or else your device will become unjailbroken, and you'll need to figure out how to download Cydia all over again.

What Types of Applications Can I Download Once I Have Cydia?

There are a lot of great applications you can utilize once Cydia is installed and running properly. Here are a few examples:

  • OverBoard - This Cydia application allows you to view all of your iPhone/iPod/iPad icon pages all at once by showing smaller thumbnails.
  • NES 3 - This is a Nintendo emulator, which basically means you can play your old favorite Nintendo games on your device.
  • 3G Unrestrictor - This application allows you to circumvent the iPhone's limitations with respect to 3G networks (e.g. not being able to use Skype or Slingplayer while on 3G). This is great for those applications that are only "allowed" to be used on Wi-Fi.
  • iFile - With this application, you can quickly navigate through your device's file system. It's a great file manager and viewer that you really don't have with the software pre-installed on your device.

Now that you know how to download Cydia (i.e. you shouldn't have to download it - you only need to jailbreak your device), you should be able to access all of Cydia's great features and benefits. Once you go Cydia, you'll never go back.