Having an e-reader is a great convenience. Unfortunately it is also a great expense. While it is true that e-books on barnesandnoble.com are cheaper than their paper counterparts, some new releases still cost upwards of $12.99. In this article I will show you step by step how to find, download, transfer and organize great free e-books. These are not pirated copyrighted materials, but thousands of books on which the copyright has expired. Here is what you need to get started:

Things You Will Need

You will need the following:

Your Barnes and Noble Nook e-reader
The USB cable that came with your Nook
Your computer
A free e-book in the proper format

Step 1

The first step is to find some great free e-books! The easiest place to get some is the barnesandnoble.com website. Click on Nookbooks -> Free Nookbooks (located under Customer Favorites). Here you will find a nice selection of free books from a variety of genres. There are approximately 100 titles as I am writing this. There is everything from Harlequin romances to "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies", with a few cook books thrown in for good measure.

Another good place to find free e-books is gutenburg.org. The homepage of Project Gutenburg currently claims over 33,000 free titles. These are all books on which the copyright has expired and are now considered to be in the public domain. The most important thing to remember when downloading books from sources other than barnesandnoble.com, is to make sure you get a compatible file type. Your Nook accepts the following file types:




· Graphics: JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP

· Audio: MP3

Step 2

Now we are going to "side load" our new books onto the Nook. Connect your Nook to your computer using the USB cable provided. This is the same cable that you use to charge your Nook, just unplug the USB connector from the wall outlet adapter.

You should now be able to see your Nook listed as an external drive on your computer. Click on the "Nook" drive. You will see several folders listed:

· .adobe-digital-editions

· my audiobooks

· my B&N downloads

· my documents

· my music

· m screensavers

· my wallpapers

Simply locate the appropriate e-book files on your computer and "drag and drop" the files into the my documents folder on your Nook. This is also the way you transfer music (MP3) files or pictures (JPG) onto your device. Just make sure you put them in the appropriate folder on your Nook. When you are done transferring files you will need to "eject" your Nook. Find where your Nook is listed as a drive on your computer, right click on it, and select eject. It is now safe to unplug your Nook from your computer.

Step 3

Let's organize your new books. Select my library from the main menu. Go to My Documents. You should see your new files listed here depending on how you sort your files. From here select "Shelves -> Create a new shelf". Enter a shelf name. I separate mine by genre unless I have many titles from one author or series. (I'm a Stephen King nut. I currently have around 75 of his books on my Nook.)

Once you have selected a shelf name, go to "Place on or remove from shelf". Simply highlight your new book and press the appropriate shelf name. Now go back to the main menu. Select My Library -> Go to My Documents -> Shelves -> Go to Self, and select the self you stored your new books on. I currently have a couple of hundred titles on my Nook and would have a frustrating time locating anything without Shelves.

Well, there you have it. Following these basic directions you should be able to find and read all the free e-books your heart desires. I hope you enjoy your Nook as much as I do mine.

Tips & Warnings

· Don't pay for e-books when you can find free ones!

· Make sure the files you download are in the proper format.

· Make sure you "eject" your Nook before unplugging it from your computer.

· Create "shelves" for your books as you add them to your Nook.