I lost my music!

Today, while looking through the music library on my iPhone, I noticed that a song that I had purchased some time ago wasn’t listed.  Not knowing exactly what to do, I started up iTunes, plugged in my phone, and then proceeded to figure out the steps to recover my music.  After a bit of trial and error I finally figured out how to contact iTunes support (from within iTunes) and request assistance.

Now, for your viewing pleasure, I bring you the answers on how to recover previously purchased, but now lost, music, TV shows, Apps, and books to your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad.

Please note:  The following only applies if you have iTunes 10.3 or later installed AND you have iOS 4.3.3 or later on your device. (iOS 5 for CDMA iPhones – which means Verizon) 
•    Check for updates on iTunes by logging into iTunes  >  click on “Help”  >  then  “Check for Updates”.
•    Check for updates on your device by clicking on “Settings” > then “General” > then “Software Update”.

Verify your purchases

The first step to recovering lost purchases is to verify that the purchase is listed in the iTunes store.  The steps here are identical for all three devices.  If you need to contact iTunes or Apple support, you can do so  through iTunes and you can log into www.apple.com  The “Support” button is located on the top right of the webpage.

Step 1 – Log into your iTunes

Open iTunes and then click on “Store” along the top. 


On the drop-down menu, click “View My Account”.  A pop-up window should open with your Apple ID already filled in.  Enter your password then click “View Account”.  On the screen that then opens you will see a listing for “Purchase History”.   To the right of that is a link that says, “See All”.  Click that.


Now, depending on how much stuff you buy off of iTunes, this next part may take a minute or two.  You need to now navigate through your purchases until you find the item that you’re looking for.  Once verified, you can then close this part of iTunes.  If your file isn’t  there, contact support using one of the methods listed above.

Step 2 – Go to your iPhone (iPad or iPod Touch)

Note:  For this example I’m going to assume that we’ve lost a song.

1.    From within your device, log in to the iTunes store. (Yes, again!)


2.    It will probably open to the “Music” screen as shown here.


3.    Click on “Purchased”


4.    Click on “Music”


5.    Find and click on the missing album or artist.  (Remember you verified that it’s there beforehand?)


6.    Click on the download symbol.  A window will now open asking for your password.


7.    Click “Download” or “Download All” in the case of albums.


You can check on your download(s) by clicking on the “More” button.  And after the download finshes your music/App/Book/TV Show library should be complete.

Happy listening!