Add some free ePub or eBook content to your Nook Tablet.  Yes, new book releases and electronic magazines are nice to have, but free content is a great way to fill up the built-in memory in the tablet. Free electronic books can also be stored on removable microSD cards for plug-in any time into the Nook device.  Here are some sites to find free eBooks for your Nook.

Project Gutenberg -

Project Gutenberg contains over 39,000 free books available for download in the ePub format which works in the Nook.  These books have all exceeded their time limit for copyright in the United States so they are now considered public domain in the U.S.  Great books like Bram Stocker' s Dracula, Alice in Wonderland, Moby Dick, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain and many, many more are available for free download.  Some of the greatest literary works in history are available for free.   The site contains some great ways to search for public domain eBooks.  If you are not sure which book you are looking for, try the top 100 free book download page.

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Google Books

Google books is a mixture of marketplace books with some free books.  The free books are mainly public domain, classic books, similar to Project Gutenberg.  The site has some nice features to search for free books, but since there are also eBooks for sale, the site can become cumbersome to browse.  When you select a book it moves to "Google Play".   In order to play books from Google Play on a Nook Tablet you must download the free Adobe Digital Editions software to a computer.  To get Digital Editions working properly you will also need to set up an Adobe ID account (free).  Once the Adobe software is installed, connect the Nook to the computer and use the software to transfer the file to the Nook.  If you have transferred library books from Adobe Digital Editions in the past, you are already set up to do the same with the Google books files.

Barnes and Noble

Believe it or not, free books can be found directly through a Barnes and Noble book search right on the Nook.  There are new and recent releases that are set up for free download.  Free downloads include some decent children's books that read the story to the kids.  There is also a series of Star Wars eBooks available for free download.  Go to the search app, built into the Nook Tablet and search.  Leave the search dialog box empty and search for all books available for the price of 0.00.  This will give you a list of all the free eBooks available for direct download to the Nook Tablet from B&N.

Part user content, part useful content.  There are millions of documents available for free from in the Nook format. Most of the content is user-generated documents, some trying to promote their websites, etc.  There is also useful content in the form of research documents, trade publications and eBooks.  Check it out!  You may become a fan of the site.

Public Library

Most public libraries now have the ability for patrons to directly download electronic library books to a Nook, just like checking out a physical book.  The best thing about this form of borrowing a book is no trip is needed to the library to pick up the book and there are no late fees since the eBook will simply stop working at the end of the loan period.  Public libraries are adding more and more content as time passes.  Most libraries originally started with the ePub or PDF format used by the Nook, but some are now adding the ability for Kindle downloads.  Most libraries use Adobe Digital Editions or custom software to deliver content to patrons on their Nook.