Anime, Japanese cartoons, started in the early 1900s. After Walt Disney's films and Betty Boop cartoons gained worldwide popularity, the modern anime form began. Larger eyes and accentuated features such as muscles and breasts started making the anime style more distinctive. Since the early 1980s, the style has steadily gained steam in the U.S. and is now a widely known drawing style.

Things You Will Need


Step 1

Decide if you want to create a male or female character.

Step 2

Draw a face, beginning with a circle. On the bottom half of the circle, draw half of an oval. This will be the the chin. Erase the bottom side of the circle. Now, there should be a circle going into an oval point.

Step 3

Draw elongated eyes that are larger than normal size. Most anime-style eyes are wider and bigger. You have total freedom when drawing hairstyles. Some of the most famous anime characters, such as Goku from "Dragonball Z," have hair that sticks straight up.

Step 4

Draw a pointy nose below the eyes. It can be a large sideways peak or a dot. Most anime noses are small and don't include much detail. Sketch a mouth. Showing teeth for an feral, angry character is good. For a smile, show a little teeth while also showing the tongue. Many characters have a slightly curved line for a mouth.

Step 5

Compose a neck from the head by drawing a thin line coming off each side of the face.

Step 6

Sketch a large oval for the base of the body. Draw an arm on each side of the oval. Outline legs on the sides of the bottom portion of the oval.

Step 7

Draft an edgy design. Kaneda, from "Akira," is a gruff biker with a take-no-prisoners attitude and the jacket's ruffles, popped collar and rolled up jacket sleeves show off Kaneda's attitude as much as any piece of dialogue does. Draw the ruffles and an outline of the coat over the frame however you want the jacket to fit. Figure out how you want your character to act and make him or her fit the part. The best anime characters are unique. Come up with whatever you want and try not to copy someone else's design. Being inspired by someone else's design is one thing, but when you rip a design off, it is no longer flattering.

Tips & Warnings

Take a look at different anime shows for help. Look at "Akira" or "One Piece" or "Sailor Moon." They all have different styles, but they all are anime. Many anime and Japanese cartoons are simplistic in design, so be careful with adding too much detail on clothing or bodily features.