I would think that fire is one of the most unappreciated things on earth. Imagine where the earth would be without fiery warmth. How would people keep warm in certain situations? In the form of artwork many people seek to learn how to draw flames for various reasons and purposes. This may be for random art or in many cases tattoos are a popular forum as well. Either way we discuss some tips on how to draw flames.

The first thing that I would do for inspiration is to watch a candle or open flame. Just watch the fire and see how it flickers and moves almost like a dance. The drawing or artwork should reflect this movement. This of course is if you want a realistic look to your artwork. Some people may want an exaggerated look and therefore it can be open to decide how they wish to portray the visualization of fire.

When you go to draw flames keep in mind the movement and the varying in colors as well. As many people already know fire can range from blue, red, orange and yellow in color. Occasionally it will appear black due to the smoke. My favorite technique is to use all those colors. The base would be blue and then working outwards turning red to orange and then yellow with some black smoke rolling off the edges.

There are many reasons that people out there look to learn how to draw flames or fire from an artistic standpoint. Any person looking to do tattoos should probably have a good idea how to draw flames since they are very popular in that line of work. Another area would of course be automobile customization as hot rods across the country have always been known to have images of fire streaking across the sides. As you can see there are many types of images that would require a person be able to illustrate in various fields of work.

One final thing to consider when you beginning to draw flames is to keep in mind that fires are unpredictable and a force of nature. This means they do whatever as the wind blows sorta speak. When you go to draw flames make them crazy and out of control. That was something always shown in ancient drawings of fire-breathing dragons. This is perhaps the best thing about this topic in that it gives an option to create freely and go wild with it.