I have found that for several reasons Spiderman can be the most difficult yet the easiest comic character to learn how to draw. The costume can be a pain on some forums with all the webs but in other regards the character is really simple. Enough chatter let's talk about some tips to help learn how to draw Spiderman.

The very first thing that someone needs to do in order to begin to learn how to draw Spiderman is to have some inspiration for their work. In other words what do you expect the final artwork to look like once everything is done? Keep in mind that there are many different versions of Spiderman out there to choose from so make a good decision. For example there are some of the more muscular versions of the character and then there are the extremely skinny ones like they are using for the new Spiderman movie in development.

I think the best thing about this character and something that makes it very easy to learn how to draw Spiderman is the lack of facial features. For some people drawing the facial expressions and features are the hardest things to learn. Thanks to the mask this really isn't a problem with Spiderman regardless of which version a person chooses to work on as artwork. However this same issue means that a good artist will use body language to convey an expression with the character. That is how to draw Spiderman with some good technique can giving an expression with the use of facial features.

Whenever I go to draw Spiderman the body is the very first thing on my mind. Think of it as like you're drawing the outline of an invisible man in what ever position the character is gonna be for the shot. Once the body is finished then its just a matter of going back and coloring in the appropriate areas. I always do the red and blue first and then go back with black ink and create the webbing on the costume.

One of the best tips I have for those looking to learn how to draw Spiderman is the use of his classic villains. Each of the classic enemies from the comics brought out something special in the superhero. I always felt that Venom brought out the best version of the webslinger where he was comical and yet dead serious about taking care of business at the same time.