I would say that it's a pretty safe bet that almost every person in the United States knows the character Superman. I would also say that most of them probably can't draw Superman. Today I'm gonna share some tips to help draw the popular DC comics hero.

There isn't an easy task to draw Superman because he has seemingly flawless characteristics. This means that when you go to draw Superman it needs to look very clear and solid. The face is very important when you're drawing this superhero compared to some of the others. Whether you're drawing Clark Kent or the hero in general the face needs to look very bold and defined when finished. The thought process is that comic artists always learn how to draw Superman beginning the process with a clean cut face.

Perhaps the best advice that you could give would be to always have a model or image to refer to for inspiration. Whenever a person goes to draw or create art they have a vision in mind of what the final piece will look like at the end. When you go to draw Superman think about which version yours is gonna look like once its all done. Are you gonna draw the old school version or the new movie version?

One final thing to keep in mind when learning how to draw Superman is that the outfit is form fitting and this is the man of steel so give the guy some serious muscle. He needs to look like he can stop a bullet or lift the largest of objects. The amount of muscle should vary depending on the scale and also what opponent if any is present in the drawing. If it's a smaller enemy such as Lex Luthor then perhaps you want to make Superman look larger than normal to show the difference in size and mass. But if he is going up against a monster like Doomsday then maybe an artist should tone him back a notch to show the mammoth that a character such as Doomsday is in the comics.

So to wrap things up make sure the face is very defined and flawless, have a model in mind and make some serious muscles. The character is one of those traditional characters that represents the best of what makes us human even though he is from another planet. So even if its just for fun make sure and try to draw a dignified superhero in the process.