hummingbird drawingHere's a colorful hummingbird children can draw in a few steps. The colors in the picture may be used, or your child's imagination can make this a uniquely colored hummingbird. Finding a book on hummingbirds and their colors can turn this simple drawing into a learning activity too. Discovering the various colors of hummingbirds and if the male or female are most colorful and why could all be part of the learning experience of drawing a hummingbird.

Have your child use a pencil to sketch the shape of the hummingbird. Once he likes his outline of his hummingbird, he can use crayons or markers to darken the lines he likes and color in his hummingbird.

Learning to sketch lightly with a pencil helps to lessen frustration. The lines can be erased easily. Often the lines don't need to be erased. When they are sketched lightly, just going over the wanted lines can make the first unwanted sketches seem to disappear.

Children may find sketching helps them to create their own drawings.

Things You Will Need

crayons or nontoxic washable colored markers

Step 1

hummingbird head (21784) With a pencil, sketch an up-side-down "u" without the tail for the top of the head.

Step 2

hummingbird beak (21785) For the beak, sketch a side-ways, long, thin "V."

Step 3

hummingbird neck (21786) Draw the back of the neck with a short line going down.

Step 4

hummingbird body (21787) For the body, sketch a large, fat, right-side-up "U" without the tail. Bring the front of the large "U" in just a bit and up to reach the beak. The front of the "body U" will be a little longer than the back.

Step 5

hummingbird wings and feet (21788) Add the wings with little zigzags at the tips, and feet with three little claws. Your hummingbird is ready to color.
Your hummingbird could sit on the branch of tree and colored as shown here. Or your hummingbird could be any color you'd like and doing whatever you please.

Just drawing some flowers near you hummingbird's beak may make him look like he is flitting from flower to flower.

Tips & Warnings

Find out if hummingbirds really sip nectar.