Do love the elegance of roses? A single long stem rose is classic and beautiful. If you would like to learn how to draw a rose bud that is simple and sophisticated looking, follow these steps.
How to Draw a Rose BudCredit: Amberdawn 2011Draw a basic cup.  Think of this shape when you begin drawing. Imagine its shape standing up. Only start to draw a rosebud after you've lightly sketched the basic outline of a cup.

How to Draw a Rose Bud(70899)Credit: Amberdawn 2011Continue by drawing the inside and working your way out. When you draw a rose bud, draw it just as the flower blossoms, from the inside, and opening out.  Begin with small, curved shapes inside the rose.
How to Draw a Rose Bud(70900)Credit: Amberdawn 2011Continue the rose by drawing concentric "circles." When you draw a rosebud you want to draw organic circles. That is, make the edges of the petals a little wavy as is natural, but think back to the cup image as though there were ripples in the water glass. When you draw a rosebud from a 3/4 top view, as shown, notice the circles are elongated into ovals.

Continue to fill the inner part of your sketch to draw a rose bud as large and detailed as you wish.
How to Draw a Rose Bud(70901)Credit: Amberdawn 2011Draw a rose bud with petals. In this step you will make the silhouette of the rose look less like a cup, and more realistic.  Start the sides of the petal of the rose bud. Now is the point where you create the elegant outline of the rose. When you draw a rosebud the outside petals curve up and slightly out as the rose blossoms.
How to Draw a Rose Bud(70902)Credit: Amberdawn 2011Add a stem and leaves if you wish.


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