Are you thinking of getting a tattoo of a rose? Creating your own personalized design will make your body art more tailored to your taste. Many tattoo artists will appreciate your input and a visual reference to work with for when they prepare to do your rose tattoo. This article will show you have to draw a rose tattoo.

Decide on a vantage point. Choose an angle you want to draw your rose tattoo. Do you want it to seem like a viewer is looking straight down at the flower, or from the side? Often a 3/4 top view is an attractive angle, but it is a matter of personal choice how you draw your rose tattoo. Often tattoos have symbolic meaning so choose what right for you.

Decide how open you want your rose tattoo. Decide how open or closed you want the rose to be in your tattoo. Do you want to draw a rose tattoo in full bloom, or a mere bud?

Choose a design that fits your style. Decide how curved or jagged you want the petals to be when you draw the rose tattoo. The degree of curvature will convey a different style.

How to Draw a Rose TattooCredit: Amberdawn 2011Draw a rose tattoo starting from the inside. Start from the inside and work your way out. When you draw a rose, many people make the mistake of drawing the outside first. It's easiest to draw a rose tattoo starting with the inside and working your way out.


How to Draw a Rose Tattoo(68936)Credit: Amberdawn 2011Work your way out.   Draw the petals radiating out from the center point. Use a photo reference if you like.

How to Draw a Rose Tattoo(68937)Credit: Amberdawn 2011Add embellishments.  Add leaves if you like as a final touch when you draw a rose tattoo. Good luck!



Tips & Warnings
•    When you draw a reference piece for a tattoo artist, think of it as giving the artist an idea of what you want. A good tattoo artist will often draw a rose tattoo sketch that is embellished according to his or her personal style. This can be an exciting process since he or she is a professional and can do things with their art that we can't convey. However, remember that this is YOUR body so you have the final say to reject a sketch of a rose tattoo that you are unsatisfied with.