As we are all taught in school most respectable nations have flags that they waive and treat with honor. Here in the United States the American flag is seen as something sacred enough so that laws are in place to keep it from being destroyed or defiled as acts of hate. Every good artist should be able to draw the American flag and here today we're gonna discuss some tips in order to accomplish this goal.

The very first thing to think about when you go to draw the American flag is to consider what position and state it's gonna be in for the drawing. Is it gonna be whipping in the wind, folded or drooping down from a flag pole? This makes all the difference in the world. Depending on the position the size, dimensions, stars and stripes will all need to be different according to the circumstances.

One of the more interesting ways to draw the American flag is to draw battle worn images of the icon. This means showing a dirty torn version of the Patriotic symbol. This is symbolic that regardless of the conditions the United States still remains and shows toughness. As Francis Scott Key wrote throughout all the bombardments and fire our flag was still there. Here recently at a fighting even most of the matches featured Americans against British fighters. The American fighters wore shorts with a battle tested American Flag on them that was symbolic of how hard we fought for freedom.

One little thing to keep in mind when you go to draw the American flag is that art doesn't have to conform to any standards. Something as simple as a diaper in the bottom of the trash can be a piece of artwork to the right person. So never allow anybody to tell you that something is ugly or isn't artwork because in a certain light everything on earth can be art.

My final tip on how to draw the American flag is choosing a good background. Since the symbol consists of red, white and blue a dark background always works really well. A black background as if the artwork takes place at night always looks good in this situation. A common theme is to have the symbol of freedom waving in the wind with fireworks going off in the background. It gives a little bit of a 4th of July type feel to the image and most artists use this as symbolism for that reason.