Jon Snow Cosplay

Jon Snow and GhostCredit: Snow, played by Kit Harington, is one of the major characters in HBO's Game of Thrones. He is the illegitimate son of Ned Stark, Lord of Winterfell. In season 1, Jon Snow becomes a member of the Night Watch and guards the Wall in the North. He owns a Longclaw, a sword given to him by the Lord Commander of the Watch Jeor Mormont. He owns a direwolf named Ghost which is as white as snow. He is a good fighter. 
I first saw Kit Harington in the movie Pompeii. Shortly afterwards, I started watching Game of Thrones. The series has many characters but Jon Snow immediately left an impression on me. There is something sad about him. As the series progressed, I slowly learned about his background which explains the sad expression that is always on his face.
You can dress up like Jon Snow this Halloween or in cosplay. To pull off this look, you need to have a curly jet-black hair, facial hair, a bulky black cloak and a sword. And if you have a large white dog, bring him/her along with you!
I know that Halloween is still months away, but season 6 is almost here and I can't contain my excitement!

1. Weapon

The Longclaw is supposed to be Jeor Mormont's gift to his son Jorah. He gives the sword to Jon Snow after the latter saves his life.
If you're tight on cash, why not make your very own Longclaw? The video below will teach you how to create a Longclaw using inexpensive materials. A template is also provided.

How to make a Longclaw

In the next video, you'll see how master swordsmith Tony Swatton recreates Jon Snow's weapon! This is a must watch for true sword fanatics.

Tony Swatton recreates Longclaw

Game Of Thrones Longclaw Metal Sword Of Jon Snow
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2. Wig

Jon Snow WigCredit: Amazon

Not everyone has a natural jet-black curly hair. The simplest and easiest way to get the same hairstyle as Jon Snow is to buy a wig. If, for some reasons, you despise wigs, you can visit your hairdresser and have your hair styled like Jon Snow's. You can also cut, dye, and curl your hair yourself, if you know how to, that is.

3. Outfit

The cloak is a very important piece in Jon's outfit. You can't look like a Night Watch member without it. You can buy a cloak with a detachable faux fur (we want to be animal-friendly) so you can reuse it for the next Halloween costume. If you already have a black cape at home, you can just buy a fur to go with it. Remember, without the fur to keep you warm, you won't survive beyond the Wall. For the mid-layer, get a leather vest and wear it over a black shirt to look like a brave Night Watch member. 

Game of Thrones Medieval North King Ned Stark Fur Costume Cloak Cape
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This cloak is very long. The faux fur is detachable which makes this piece flexible for other costumes.

4. Accessories

Jon Snow AccessoriesCredit: Amazon

For the accessories, you will need something to hold you Longclaw. Get a black or a brown sword belt, whatever that is available at home. Add a pair of leather arm guards or bracers to complete your look. This will transform you into an honorable watcher.

5. Shoes

Jon Snow BootsCredit: Amazon

Jon Snow can't guard the Wall barefoot, can't he? He wears a pair of tall black boots all the time. If you live in a city with winter, you probably already own a pair of black boots. Tall ones are the best, but shorter boots will also do.

6. Make-Up

Who says a woman can't dress up as Jon Snow? Watch this woman's amazing transformation!

How to look like Jon Snow