Bruce Lee is a martial arts icon. He brought Kung Fu to the masses through his schools and through his movies. He is one of those characters who has become a legend and will never go out of style. If you're looking for a cool Halloween costume this year please consider stepping into Bruce Lee's shoes for the night. Not only will you feel kick ass, you will also suddenly find yourself acting like you know a ton of karate moves.

Things You Will Need

A Bruce Lee costume is pretty simple but there are a few different variations on it that you can choose from. There are a few characteristics to Bruce Lee that all costumes must have in them and those are as follows:

You must always carry one of the various martial arts weapons Bruce Lee has used in his films. Most of the time those are going to be the nunchaku. Bruce Lee made the nunchucks famous in his films by dealing heavy handed blows to multiple opponents at a time with them. You can't go wrong if you make a pair of these weapons and carry them around with you.

Bruce Lee also has a signature hair cut. He's got raven black hair that kind of sits on top of his head like a helmet. You can either dye your hair black or get a wig. Either way is fine so long as it fits the look.

The clothing for your costume is pretty simple really but it is here that the variations can occur. If you are muscular you might want to go with the classic Bruce Lee. Classic Bruce Lee wear a pair of puffy black pants with small black shoes and white socks. The pants should puff out around the hips but taper down to the ankle. Do not wear a shirt! Bruce Lee never wears shirts in his classic look.

If you're too afraid to walk around at night with no shirt on you could make it a funnier costume by wearing a t-shirt with some muscles painted onto it or you could go with one of Bruce Lee's secondary looks: the yellow jump suit. Bruce Lee wears a yellow and black jump suit (similar to the one the Bride wears in Kill Bill Vol 1) in his movie Game of Death. If you choose to wear this costume you must make sure to have a matching pair of yellow nunchucks to go with it.
Halloween is a great holiday because you get to dress up like icons and prance around pretending to be them. Bruce Lee is a simple but fun costume concept that gives you a lot of options to choose from but won't break your bank. You could even have a buddy dress up like Chuck Norris to complete the 70's Kung Fu film look.

Just have fun with it and make sure not to hurt anyone with those weapons of your's.

Tips & Warnings