Dressing vintage can save you money and give you a unique style that's all your own. You can even find authentic pieces at thrift stores and work them into your everyday wardrobe. This allows you to look sophisticated and put together. Plus, when you spend less money you'll be able to go shopping more often.

Decide between vintage and vintage inspired. There are a few downsides to vintage clothing. It might not be in the best shape. Plus, you won't have a very wide selection to get the exact piece that you want in your size. For this reason it can almost end up looking like you have an ill fitting wardrobe instead of going with a distinct style. Vintage inspired clothing is new clothing that focuses on silhouettes. If you are going with a black dress try a 50s inspired wiggle dress. You'll still fit in at your next event but you'll have a unique look that is all your own.

Make it modern. You don't want to look like you just grabbed something out of your grandmother's closet. Give old clothes a modern spin. You might want to pair a dress with boots. You can even find formals or wedding dresses that look like vintage corsets. Sure, back then these items would've been worn under a dress instead of being a dress itself but this is a more revealing look.

Find sleek silhouettes. You don't have to wear an impractical hoop skirt all the time to be vintage. Think about Audrey Hepburn's unique style. It was sleek and tailored. You can apply the same principles to a basic suit. You might also want to adjust to wearing skirts and suits more often. These don't have to be overly feminine or frilly. You might find that they are just as practical and comfortable as wearing slacks to the office.

Focus on fit. The sweaters back then were very form fitting which allows you to show off your curves without showing too much skin. You can also turn this into a look for the office by pairing it with tweed trousers. As far as colors go you might want to get keep things pretty muted. Vintage colors were either feminine such as pastel pinks or really bold like black. Going with more subtle colors really allows the unique lines of the garment to be the focus.

Revel in the modesty. One of the great things about vintage style is that it was still flattering while being a little more covered up. You might want to get a vintage inspired swimsuit for you next trip to the beach. It will probably be more figures flattering than a basic bikini so you'll be more comfortable. Plus, you'll have a unique design that will stand out from everyone else's.

When you know how to dress vintage you may find that people react to you differently. You might get more second looks or even treated with more respect. Besides, you can have a distinct style that is all your own.