Whether you are looking to find employment or hoping to switch careers, you already know that the job interview is the most important piece of whether you get hired or not. Managers base much of their staffing decisions on what they see in person and how you present yourself.


This is why the outfit that you were into your meeting is so important. The first impression that you give in your appearance is just as important as education and experience for any positions.

When you are dressed correctly for a job interview, you give an air of confidence. You can also give the person that you are talking to the image in your mind of how you can fit into the company culture. These are all important ways to get you to the top of the list of candidates.


How to Dress for an Interview Men


The first thing that you want to pay very close attention to when you are getting ready for your meeting is your hygiene. Getting showered and brushing your teeth is a must and something that can not be overlooked. It is best to do these things the morning of the big day to make sure that you are ready.


The next thing that you are going to want to make sure is that you are clean shaved. You might not think too much about a days worth of growth, but the person that you will talking to will. It is also a good idea to keep cologne to a minimum. You do not want to set off someone’s allergies.


When it comes to the actual clothes, you want to make sure that everything is pressed and free of wrinkles. The clothes that you wear should also fit you well. Ill fitting clothing is a sign that you do not take pride in what you do.


A shirt with a collar and nice pair of dress slacks will see you through most job interviews. If you are applying for management, you are going to want to pair dress jacket with those items.


Dressing for an Interview for Women


Just like for men, perfect hygiene is a must the day that you will be interviewing. One thing that you will want to keep in mind when getting ready is to keep everything light. If you will be wearing makeup, you want to keep it light. A natural day time look is going to work best for you unless you are interviewing to be a makeup artist.


The less is better thought should also be applied to any perfume that you might wear. You know if the person that you will be talking to will have any allergies. Play it safe and either go very light or skip fragrances all together when you are getting ready.


For clothes, there are many great options for you to choose from. It is a good idea to keep a business casual look in mind. What you are wearing needs to be office appropriate. This means that a conservative outfit that you could wear into work will be just fine for the job interview.


Dressing for success is an integral part of any job interview. You should always dress for the position that you want in life and not the one that currently have. By doing this and following the above mentioned recommendation, you will be right on track for getting hired.