Skype Interview Dress Code

If you have an important Skype Interview due and are wondering how to dress for it, then don't fear, you are in the right place. Below, you will find a brief yet informative and helpful guide specifically regarding 'how to dress for a Skype Interview'. However, firstly I believe it is best that we point out the overall objective of what exactly you are trying to achieve with your choice of interview clothing. The aim and purpose of the interview clothes should be to demonstrate to the potential employers, through the Skype video application, that you are both professional and presentable -- as well as indicating to them that you are taking this Skype interview seriously and hence serious about the job role at hand.

Briefly tell me, how would you actually dress at a face to face job interview?

I am hoping you said (or are thinking) something along the lines of the obvious ... 'professionally'. Well this is exactly how you need to dress for the upcoming Skype Interview. Be sure to dress for the Skype interview just as you would dress when you are about to go for a professional face to face job interview. Why? It demonstrates to the employers all the qualities just mentioned above.

Take it from the view of the Skype interviewer, if you had two candidates in front of you who were exactly equal in terms of skill set and experience, and the only difference was -- one was interviewed in jeans and a jumper and the other was all professionally dressed with a suit and tie etc., which one would you honestly hire? The candidate in the suit. As they have firstly indicated that they understand company representation, that you need to come across as professional and secondly they have gone to the effort to get dressed up, meaning they are likely to be more interested in the job, and from this an interviewer has the right to assume that they would be more productive and effective employee. Dressing in a jumper and jeans for your Skype interview, in sum simply sends out all the wrong signals to your potential future employer -- some of which include: that you are lazy and don't really care all that much about the job in hand.

So in short, dress professionally. But how do you go about dressing professionally for the Skype Interview? The Skype interview dress code for men -- generally speaking you want a two piece suit of a dark colour such as navy (try to avoid black), with a tie to match (not too vivid and bright, as it won't show up well on the camera) on the back of a white or pale coloured shirt along with polished dark/black leather shoes. A hair cut wouldn't go a miss either. What clothes to wear in a Skype interview for women -- again a dark coloured suit with a skirt just below the knee, with a pastel type coloured blouse with no visible accessories (same for men) apart from a watch. 

How does it look?

Once you are suited and booted, how does it appear through the Skype Video? You are likely to find that you look rather different through the means of video than that of life and you will often find that some clothing doesn't appear all that great -- such as a bright white shirt won't tend to show up very well on the video so opt for an alternative duller appearing colour such as light blue. Just be sure to test what looks good on you through the Skype camera, you may think you look good in real life, but on the camera it might reflect poorly, and hence turn the employers off. Test it out before hand.

I just wanted to leave you with one final and rather important reason for why you should get dressed professionally for a Skype interview, and that is the way the 'work' clothes make you feel its provided your self-perception [4686]. By getting completely ready to go to work, from head to toe -- it tricks your mind into becoming more productive both in terms of 'way of thinking' and your general 'attitude' -- both coming out with positive traits when entering an interview. Whereas when you dress in lounge wear, you act in that kind of manner of relaxed and sluggish. Dress for success. If you have any additional comments regarding how to dress for a Skype Interview then please leave a comment below.